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Peter Blaise

Failed and dissapeared a few times before finally installing.

Well, that was painfully awkward — I have absolutely no idea what is going on in the program or on it’s screens.

I hover my mouse over things in it’s window, and then, suddenly, elsewhere on my desktop, little descriptive, or EMPTY chat-bubbles pop up, totally unaligned with the program icon I am hovering over … is this from a hunt-and-shoot game designer?

‘Album’ [ shows WWW ], versus ‘Single’ [ shows a DOCUMENT ] mean nothing, considering this is to get PICTURES.

[ Support Site ] showing [ Support for Sites ] means nothing.

I click on [ Paste Url ] ( which should be Paste URL since URL is an abbreviation of Universal Resource Locator, not Url Mountains or something else ).

It tells me I have to find a web address first, then somehow feed my own discovered web address into this program.

I tried separately browsing with a different program ( guess ) to [ http://www.nationalgeographic.com/ ] where I love their photos as my screen-blanker slide show …

… this program said that I must provide a SPECIFIC web address, and it even suggested a specific web address, showing [ https://www.nationalgeographic.com/photography/best-of-2017/best-pictures/ ] … wow, they KNOW where the great pictures are!

… but it won’t let me edit THAT message to actually GO there … such a tease, they are.

… awkwardly, I can highlight the [ https://www.nationalgeographic.com/photography/best-of-2017/best-pictures/ ] PART of their error message, and tap [ Ctrl C ] to copy it, then to [ Paste Url ] where I can pste their own link that they woudl not let me go to … [ https://www.nationalgeographic.com/photography/best-of-2017/best-pictures/ ] …


… then it auto passes this link into it’s own mini browser!

It DOES have a browser of it’s own.

Anyway, in their mini-browser, National Geographic asks for my email, and I have to close that pop-up, then how do I tell this program ( what was it’s name again ? ) to start downloading, PULEEZE.


Who knows?

Let’s give it a try …

… and then an error from Windows that the program stopped working.


Let’s put ourselves out of it’s misery.


I can right click to download all the images I want much faster, without installation of anything.

I can copy images from any screen without crashing — free Picasa and free IrfanView easily let me capture and crop screen images, even from web pages that otherwise try to block right-click image copying.

This can’t possibly be anything beyond a v0.0.1.0 beta test, can it?