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Though the mail we receive says that we just subscribed to the “free plan”, in fact we get 6 months of Safe@Home plan. So it’s 9.975USD worth ;) and sufficient to make more than a test (15 days may not be enough, especially before summer holidays…)

You can see it at the top of the home page, once logged.

Here is the email sent, though it’s really Safe@Home that you get:

Dear User,

Thank you for registration in SafeDNS web filtering service!

You have registered on Free plan with limited functionality. We allow to use our service on Free plan for unlimited amount of time only if you do it at home.

In case you need a web filter for organization (whatever type of your organization is) you should purchase the service on an appropriate plan within 30 days from the date of your SafeDNS registration.

To learn more about our Free plan go to page.

To start using SafeDNS service you are to go to the personal dashboard and choose the mode of web filtering deployment.

In the dashboard you can download SafeDNS Agent. It will automatically configure the filtering on the computer so that you can easily manage the service. For instructions on how to manually configure the web filtering on specific routers, for particular OSes and corporate networks go to guides.

After that, in your dashboard you can fine tune the filtering by choosing the categories of websites you would like to block or allow according to your preferences. And, finally, welcome to safer internet with SafeDNS!

If you have trouble configuring or using the service, please contact our Support.
Best regards,
SafeDNS Team

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P.S. in July 2017, we had a whole year offered.
I didn’t use it, btw, since I installed yandex’s DNS instead; but it’s not sufficient, to prevent “sites de rencontre” in France. I’m happy to be able to try SafeDNS again.