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[ @Peter Blaise] Thanks for the helpful reply, Peter! My interest in KD is mostly due to your glowing comments. I used it before but when license expired it quit working. Very glad they no longer do that! The KD web page does say “Game Booster technology also helps you increase game performance,” and has a link to more detail about it but not enough to answer my questions. Looks like something they may have added recently.

My PC *should* be capable of running my music software (Waveform from Tracktion and Samplitude Music Studio from Magix). I have 16 GB, Core i7, 143 GB free on SSD, another 8 partitions (all defragged) on 3 TB of HDD. Cache/Swap file was in its own HDD partition at 5GB/5GB, I just moved it to my SSD. Might help! I’ll also look for a way to tell music programs to store temp files on SSD. I would really like a simple way to disable all print services, backups, checks for new versions, antivirus updates & scans, defrags, etc., while using music software.