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Peter Blaise

Welcome, [@SupportTeam], we discuss on the web so everyone can participate.

Recommendations – fix everything so it works, and works the same way other programs use equivalent controls:

1 – make the sliders work both ways so we can rock them back and forth to add and subtract the adjustment in increments – they keep enhancing the picture when we slide a slider back, and instead of the effect diminishing, the effect adds more and more effect when we reduce the slider.

2 – make an option for [ 1 image-pixel ] : [ 1 screen-display-pixel ]

3 – allow us to directly type in a slider’s numbers so we can duplicate our own scripts easier, allow us to save a script for reuse on demand

4 – the first 9 sliders do nothing, make them work – Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, and so on

5 – Inpaint allows us to draw a red mask on the image, and then nothing – if it’s supposed to do something, what? If I then play with the Haze adjustments, then the areas under the mask gets turned into abstract sections of random contrast patches – whaaa?

6 – the adjuster sliders that do work just make a mess of the image in unpredictable clouds all over or make a bright white image with some black outlines and yellow splotches

7 – Full Screen doesn’t do anything.

8 – clicking one of the sample pictures at the bottom on the right reverts the picture to the sample picture, but leaves the sliders showing adjustments have been made, when the adjustmenta actually have then been eliminated.

9 – the right scroll bar is too dark and I did not realise there were more adjustment below on the right out of view

10 – it does not offer to save our work when exiting, it just exists, when clicking Save As, it does not show existing images in the directory where it’s about to save, it offers to save as BMP, PNG, or JPG, I asked for a BMP, it saved with a JPG extension, and actually saved a PNG file instead, no matter what I chose to save as, it saves as a very large PNG, with a wrong JPG extension on the filename

I’ll stop at 10, I feel like an alpha-tester.

The web version in auto mode seems nice, and it saves, no problem, so I’ll remember that if I ever want to artificially colorize a grayscale image.

Let us know if you have suggestions for a fix, of if you are going to come back with v3, and let us give you more feedback.

Thanks for letting us explore this and share.