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Peter Blaise

Part of the problem is that Audials ALWAYS teases us to buy a new version, even when we have a working version properly registered, so the “feeling” is that we have failed to register when the ever-present incessant Audials “update center” pops-up, and the “buy now” message stays on the home page all the time.

Part of the problem is the inordinate amount of supplemental programming Audials depends on, such as Windows C updates of various iterations, LAME audio programming, even Microsoft Edge updates for some reason, and so on, and the unpredictability of whether these “patches” work or compete or fail, and do we need to reboot once, or a few times, do we need to repeat the installation a few times, do we need to both reboot and reinstall multiple times?

Part of the problem is us trying to compensate for not knowing what’s going on during immense Audials installation, so I recommend, based on my own successful experience, to NOT uninstall anything, that just puts us back worse than where we started because that may or may not also remove the supplemental all-purpose Windows and audio updates and patches, leaving a hole where at least before there may have been another program that got updated by Audials suite, and uninstalling Audials does not re-install programs that it replaces, so, instead of uninstalling, reboot, run [ ChkDsk C: /f ] and cleanup utilities if we want, turn off anti-virus ( I have NO anti-virus running, another topic ), and reinstall, reboot, reinstall, reboot, reinstall, until success – never give up, never surrender, never uninstall ( if we want to install – of course we can uninstall if we want to remove it altogether ), Audials One 2021 is out there someplace awaiting our joy.

Again, unless we get:

( a ) a primary screen asking our name, email, login, and password and offering to ACTIVATE, then we have not successfully installed, so try installing again,

( b ) an icon on the desktop – do not run it from the program directory, which will only open the program, not the ( a ) ACTIVATION screen above,

( c ) then in the program, click the person-gear to open Options and see “Product activation” [ AudialsOne Edition ] [ About Audials 2021 ] = success.

And remember, there will always be the ever-present incessant Audials “update center” pop-up, and the “buy now” message that stays on the home page all the time.

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Now, WHY Audials?

There are MANY ways to download music and videos, but this is SMART in knowing how to search and find and download from Internet Radio, as well as from other sites, so this is kind of a one-stop downloader, and unlike torrents, this finds legitimate offerings where artists and publishers have an auditable avenue of compensation.

I don’t use Audials that much, because I have other avenues of music access ( local libraries loan CDs in my area ), but when I do use Audials, I always discover some artist who is new to me, and I am grateful for that.

So, c’mon, folks, IF we want what Audials offers, THEN we ought to be able to figure this out, and if it doesn’t matter, then all we are doing is adding our critique of Audials’ arduous failure-prone installation and AUDIALS’ INEXCUSABLE LACK OF PARTICIPATING IN THESE THREADS to the mix here.

Keep trying, and keep reporting.

Stay safe, mask up, keep our distance, and wash everything, and I hope to see you all as time goes by.