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Peter Blaise

The download is in %Temp% directory, so kill the SOS downloader when it gets stuck, then copy or move the successfully downloaded file from there, and then install it, make sure that any prior CareUEyes programs are stopped and not running.

What this needs is awareness of the actual sun-up and sun-down in our area rather than just fixed selectable hours.

I like the green background, though there are other ways to accomplish a green background in white screens and in program pages that reference the Windows registry to get their colors.

Yes, we can adjust color temp, but I generally adjust for brightest readability regardless of color, and I think I need to get a Pantone Huey color-calibration system just to stop driving myself crazy trying to adjust scans of artwork for satisfactory matching presentation.

This seems nice, but what do others do in this realm, such as IrisTech, and their free blue light filter, and so on?