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Norman Vingoe

I installed this; I’m no stranger to PCs, Windows, program installing. BUT
After installing, I cannot find:
Any desktop icon/shortcut
Any Start Menu entry
Any mention in App Manager (Add/Remove Programs)
Any folder in Programs folder/Programs(X86) folder or file search on ‘azman’, ‘calender’ or ‘maker’
pertinent to Azman Calendar Maker.
So, upon completing installation the program starts, activate Giveaway licence as instructed, then it says you MUST restart for activation to take effect. HOW CAN YOU restart the program, if there’s no clickable starter?
Also, (before closing that which was run at installation) ‘Azman Calendar maker’ application doesn’t follow normal Windows design – there’s no header/menu bar, it exercises ‘bring-to-front’ stopping other apps from viewing in front of it, and buttons (close, minimise) are TINY.
But, now I’ve closed it I cannot fathom how to restart it!!? Bizarre.