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From my earlier comment to Ashraf:
“It installs quick and easy.
Loads and opens instantly on first activation offering a trial period, purchase, or registration.
Click register and window changes to registration for key entry.
Paste it by using the ‘…from clipboard’ link.
Restart the program and Flash Drive Recovery opens with a screen all drives populating the device installed to.
Click ‘Scan’ in the lower right corner and wait.
Green bar on the bottom of the field shows activity.

I will let you know what the result of scanning is when it finishes. So far, it looks promising.”

So, to continue:
Flash Drive Recovery scanned as instructed.
It took ~1 hour to scan, determine the condition, list and query 67.5 GB (119 GB flash drive).
It then asked which specific files, all or none of the listed files to correct. It pretty much lived by its word.

This is a keeper for the moment.