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Robert Crombie

You should warn us that it costs $34 PER YEAR, after the 6 month trial ends.
I don’t like leasing software at the best of times, and this vendor’s offering is way too expensive.
PS I wrote my own ClipBuddy years ago. I am still using it, as are a couple of friends.
I am being forced to move flats, as my owner died.
I am 81 and possibly will get covid during the move.
At this age, if it does not kill you straight away, you will likely age dramatically over the following 6 months and then die (like the Queen did).
I previously donated my CapsLock Warning program to Ashraf’s members. If I manage to find a flat, and get a warning that I will die soon’ish, I will donate my ClipBuddy to this site.
PPS Like my previous gift to this site, ClipBuddy does not require any installation. You just place it into a folder like C:\ClipBuddy