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1. Checksums your file matches the checksum with the file from another site, where “Sketch Drawer” is not Pro (I later found out)

2. I have install “Sketch Drawer Pro” (the title written in the program), in the “About” written version 3.4

3. << If you’ve gotten this from a prior giveaway, then you may not need to register because it will remember the previous license key. Enjoy! >>

But has requested a key from me. (In a window of input of serial number writes: the test period has ended).

4. Your serial number consisting of 5 blocks in the serialization screen writes:
an incorrect serial number, then I decided the serial number from other distribution, consisting of 4 units, which have not yet had time to use).

5.Key consisting of 4 blocks of the program adopted, but in window title of the program the prefix was lost: Pro..