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Peter Blaise

Not a very sophisticated program, a 20-year-old toy, actually, less sophisticated than PaintShop ( remember when … ).

It’s unable to address my archive of 5 megapixel files ( plus my walkabout camera and cell phone camera are also 5 megapixel ), as most filters say 4,000 dots across are required — seriously?

It only plays with JPGs, which a lossy no-no, unable to open raw files, and no print enhancement output, so this is not for gallery production.

No batch capability … what, am I supposed to scroll or whatever through all filters on each image?

Since only a few filters work, I guess it doesn’t matter.

No resizing on output, so I’m going to use other programs anyway.

Picasa is free, imports entire cards and directory structures, batches adjustments, batches exports, batches resizing, batches gallery-quality printing to your preferred crop and size, AND batch uploads to the web ( and a gazillion more features and benefits ).

What is Picture Instruments VERY LIMITED Filters for, again?