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Ken Kupidy

I’ve used similar software like Hotspot Shield Elite Plus VPN lifetime but have not been happy with them. Hotspot is one that I like because it works all the time as advertized. Their Help Desk ppl are very patient and pleasant but I’ve run into two problems. The first was the billing and which subscription I actually wanted and the price I was to pay. I want to purchase Hotspot Shield Elite Plus VPN lifetime subscription WHEN i FOUND THAT i COULD GET THE SERVICE AT A PRICE i COULD AFFORD. ( I live in NA but when I filled out the form somehow I was switched to Euro dollars and 82.88 was taken from my Paypal.) After much confusion, the payment for $69.99 US for a Lifetime subscription was charged to Paypal and the Euro funds returned. Now I had what I wanted.
BUT, now when I download the Hotspot app and when I log into Elite I’m shown as an elite user but the countdown (when the app on the desktop works) shows the countdown starting from 365 days and not Lifetime. The app does allow VPN use but does not give me access to the settings on the app such as setting which country’s equipment I’d like to use. Ie., USA, Canada, Great Britain, Netherlands…..etc.
Anything I can find for troubleshooting always includes “if not connecting” which is not really true. I am connecting but I am not able to access any of the settings. I’ll try to CCopy and paste what I get below. Sorry, can’t print the screen, but all I get when I try to open the app is the blue HotspotSheild app with the crest in the centre and nothing else…..no access to settings.

I do get Netflix which I have a subscription to and one other.

Anyway…..I hope you can make sense of what I’ve written above if not please get back to me.

Thank you