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    I’m in Australia and worked perfectly for me.

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    What the heck? I downloaded this free “LIFETIME” cloud storage, and it tells me it is a 14 day trial. We should have been told it was only a trial sooner. Now I’ve given them my personal information for nothing. What a scam!!! DON’T BOTHER WITH THIS DOWNLOAD.

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    Technical Details state;
    “Supports Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux
    How to get the LINUX software? Links only available for Windows and Mac OS. !!

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    I went to the “registration page”, created account, then clicked on “download stuff”.
    Installed, and I see “0/100 Gb” at the bottom left of the window.

    I don’t see a 14 days limit, where did u see that, guys ?

    Anyway, I don’t like clouds like this one, as I cannot organize my files on the cloud.
    Basically, you just have to select files you wanna save, and click “save” : the software
    will upload them, but you can’t change anything (files order, create folders…)

    I’m in vacancy in Canada, so it works as previously said, I wonder if this works again when
    I’ll return home in France.

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    Does Zoolz own your files once you place them on their site? Then they can use them as they see fit. Thank you

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    Uh oh…on my account page, I found the file I uploaded.
    When I tried to download it, I got this :

    Hebergeur d'image

    Well, this is NOT what I want, neither what I need.
    This is not user convenient. Uninstalled.

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    Ricardo Fernandez

    I have a problem with Zoolz offer. Says it is not available in my country, Spain.
    How can I successfully access the registry again?

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    Felix Crevat

    The download, installation and registration worked fine for me. I’m in Canada, so I didn’t notice any country restriction. I did follow the separate registration link on the download page to register my email address and pwd – maybe some others missed that step and just installed the download?

    So obviously the big plus here is 100 Gbytes lifetime storage (usual caveats: can be withdrawn at any time, no guarantee of privacy etc.). The big minus is that this uses Amazon Cold Storage with 3-5 hours retrieval time after you make the request, so it’s intended for archival storage only. Zoolz does offer an instant-access “Vault” option like other online storage services, but at extra cost. There’s no drag-and-drop with the basic archival service like you might be accustomed to with other online storage services – you must use their app and schedule background backups of the files and folders you want to save.

    The Windows backup app will run on schedule automatically in the background if you enable it. It install one auto-start service and one startup program in Windows. Restore operations can be scheduled in the app, but you will have to wait 3-5 hours for the files to be restored, and you cannot schedule another restore for a different file or folder until the first one is done (unless you use the web app to retrieve another file).

    There are mobile apps, but only useful for viewing what files are stored in your backup if you haven’t paid extra for the instant-access Vault option. They do offer a thumbnail preview of photos, but it will still take 3-5 hours to retrieve the actual photo.

    You can use it on multiple computers, and there’s no restriction on file size. It will store up to 10 historical versions of the same file.

    Overall a worthwhile service and offer, but don’t expect it to act like an online drive.

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    [@HarFanG] The 14 day trial period is on the dashboard of the account you create at the web site. If you go to the website and sign into your account, it takes you to the dashboard where it states 14 day trial period.

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    I have had a 1 TB Zoolz account for some time and I wanted to see if this would stack on to it gaining me another 100gb of storage. It would not as I would have to open a new account.

    However, because of my experience with Zoolz, I went ahead and opened a second 1 TB account for $29 using a different email address. I live in two separate locations during the year and wanted an account with storage at each location.

    I have had no problem using this storage. When I want to get something from the storage, I just have to plan a little in advance as it takes a few hours to recover. For example, I have stored some video and movie files in the Zoolz storage. Each day I can go ahead and start the process of recovering the file and have it when I need it. The system just works perfectly for me and you cannot beat the low lifetime fee.

    PS. I even received a 10% off coupon for the lifetime 1 TB storage making the total only $27

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    Unfortunately, this offer is currently not available in your country.

    We’re working hard to add more countries. Once this offer is made available in your country, we’ll let you know!

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    Bruce Mittleman

    Says it’s a 14 day trial duh?
    And what’t the difference between cold storage and hot storage this looking like a scam

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    Николай Стоянов

    Is the offer not valid for my country Bulgaria? :(

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    Morris Cox

    I downloaded the hub file, installed it, went to the registration page, and created an account. I was then logged into the website, where I downloaded and installed the Zoolz installer. No problems. I suspect that some people didn’t read the instructions on the SoS download page. What I find annoying is that when I select or deselect something, how much of the 100GB is going to be used is calculated from scratch and takes a while.

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