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Free Aimersoft Music Recorder (100% discount)

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  • Developed by Aimersoft
  • Version is v1.0.0
  • Download size is 17.6 MB
  • Supports Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • VirusTotal scan results: 0/47

Aimersoft Music Recorder is an audio recorder program specifically designed to help you record online streaming audio, such as radio stations or audio from videos. With Aimersoft Music Recorder, you can capture and record any sound that you would normally hear from your speakers, regardless of if that is music, podcasts, ebooks, etc.

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  1. Dave

    Reply to this comment#16

    Have waited over an hour and no registration possible, tried order number and tried email address – nothing, have given up on you – to quote a movie “your system s**ks”

  2. DAVE

    Reply to this comment#15

    I got your email with an order number and put that at the support page on the web site and they say the order number you sent me is not in their records – what’s wrong?

  3. David

    Reply to this comment#14

    Thanks, again, Ashraf!

  4. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#13

    This giveaway is back!

  5. cindy914

    Reply to this comment#12OLD COMMENT

    Is anyone experiencing strange things with this program? I have installed and uninstalled this program twice. I contacted the company who tell me there is nothing strange in the setup program but each time I have installed it, I then hear a beep every time I click on ANYTHING, be it an email in my email program, a file in Windows Explorer or a selection in another third-party program. I deliberately blocked access to my email program during the installation, thinking that would prevent the beeps in the email program but that didn’t work. It wasn’t until after the second installation that I realized the beeps were not limited to just my email program. Not only that BUT after uninstalling the program and a reboot, I had to do a System Restore in order to clear the beeps and not to the System Restore created BY the program (because System Restore wouldn’t let me use that one!) but I had to go back to the next one BEFORE the one created by the Music Recorder installation program.

    I can safely say that short of being infected with an uncaught virus, this has to be the most ridiculous installation I have ever gone through. As far as I am concerned, it’s total crap!

  6. Ron Lewis

    Reply to this comment#11OLD COMMENT

    [@Karyn] Karyn, once you completed your shopping cart and checked out, then the site will send you an email with instructions on either re-downloading the program (at your choosing) and a link to click on to register it (which i am having problems with) because after you enter your name and email address, then the site send you your registration key. I hope this helps. Ron

    Please advise! Thanks in advance, Ron

  7. Ron Lewis

    Reply to this comment#10OLD COMMENT

    [@Ron Lewis] Ashraf (Mr. Boss), respectfully, when i click on to register with my name and email address from what was sent to me (at same email address) upon completing check out, nothing happens; it will not accept my email address, which is the same email i use on Dottech and sharewareonsale!

    Please advise! Thanks in advance, Ron

  8. vbwhitehead

    Reply to this comment#9OLD COMMENT

    Ok, I figured out how to register after I walked away long enough for the program to respond (finally!). For any others having the same trouble, click on the question mark in the upper right of the start up page but it has to be after you click on the Continue button), then select registration and input the email and key code and click on Register, after which you can close the program for the registration to be activated.

  9. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#8OLD COMMENT

    [@vbwhitehead] [@Karyn] Click the question mark button in the top-right corner -> Register.

    [@NiceDoggy] Welcome!

    [@Ron Lewis] You need to provide us with more info about exactly what registration issue you are having if you want us to be of help.

    [@Mohammed Widuya] Thanks for the tip!

    [@ngaronson] Thanks for the tip!

  10. Karyn

    Reply to this comment#7OLD COMMENT

    [@Ron Lewis]
    Ron if you get an answer or find out how to register the program please email me and let me know how to do it. Thank you, Karyn

  11. vbwhitehead

    Reply to this comment#6OLD COMMENT

    I can’t seem to find any place to enter the registration code/key, so how can I beat the deadline to do it?
    By the way, the program installed and loaded extremely slowly on my computer; does it have a bug?

  12. Karyn

    Reply to this comment#5OLD COMMENT

    where or how do I get to the page to register the program?

  13. NiceDoggy

    Reply to this comment#4OLD COMMENT

    Just tried it out. Works very well on internet radio. Haven’t tried YouTube etc, don’t see why it would be different.
    Thanks, Ashraf! These gems are appreciated!

  14. Mohammed Widuya

    Reply to this comment#3OLD COMMENT

    This tiny 200kb free Streamosaur ver works fine for all Windows and I’ve been using for 7 years.

  15. Ron Lewis

    Reply to this comment#2OLD COMMENT

    I am having trouble in registering for whatever reason; please advise! Thank you.

  16. ngaronson

    Reply to this comment#1OLD COMMENT

    A lovely program but unfortunately it only records when there is a sound coming from the speakers. Would appreciate a program which records a streaming sound even when the speakers are off. “Freecorder” does it beautifully but is unfortunately linked with crapware.

Important Info

Terms and Conditions

Technical Details

  • Developed by Aimersoft
  • Version is v1.0.0
  • Download size is 17.6 MB
  • Supports Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • VirusTotal scan results: 0/47