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Free Genie Timeline Professional 2013 (100% discount)

Terms and Conditions
  • This is a 1-user lifetime license, for home use
  • No free updates
  • No free tech support
  • Must be downloaded, installed, and registered before this offer is over
  • May not be resold
  • No refunds and exchanges; if you are having trouble activating or registering, please ask for help
Technical Details
  • Developed by Genie9
  • Current version is v4.0.5.500
  • Download size is 20.7 MB
  • Supports Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • VirusTotal scan results: 0/46

Genie Timeline Professional 2013 is a file backup program. With Genie Timeline Professional 2013 you can easily backup your files on your computer, external and network drives, and it is highly automated — configure it in three simple steps, and then forget it — Genie Time Professional 2013 does all the work in the background.

This freebie includes no free updates and no business use. Get Genie Timeline Professional 2013 with free updates for free (minor) updates and home + business use.

This sale has expired, sorry! See Active Sales list for more free and discounted Windows software.

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  1. CARL

    Reply to this comment#32

    It has been running for nearly 24 hours. It has automatically continues after system reboot. It says it has over 24,000 files “Pending”; but, 0 “Saved”. All it seems to have done, ’til now is begin building a directory structure on my backup drive. I have temporarily turned off my daily (traditional) incremental backup to insure it does not interfere.

  2. CARL

    Reply to this comment#31

    [@Mikerman] Again, seems logic, unfortunately, program does not give me access to that screen either. However, I did find a work-around. I configured the prog to backup one small file which it quickly completed then gave me access to all the screens and tools discussed earlier. All is well for the moment, I am reviewing configuration options and functionality. Seems cool.

    Thanks for all the suggestions.

  3. Mikerman

    Reply to this comment#30

    [@pepe] It looks to be a nice program to me, and I like the fact that you can “go back in time” with it. Personally, I’m just not sure about using file back-up software like this over system back-up–I guess they have different purposes but I’m not quite sure of the best “omnibus” back-up solution. Would love to hear suggestions in that regard–do people use both types of software together, perhaps backing up the system weekly or monthly and the files continuously?

    Oh, and I just checked: with my having paused the software earlier and my having then closed it out, I just started it up again and the backup did not automatically start, even though it had been set to start a half hour ago (and the software still is paused)–the pause seems to operate as an on/off for the backing-up.

  4. Eddie

    Reply to this comment#29

    never mind

  5. Eddie

    Reply to this comment#28

    never mind. I needed to use it first like it says to.

  6. pepe

    Reply to this comment#27

    [@Mikerman] Thanks. I wasn’t sure I can stop it from running the scheduled back-ups by pausing them. Thought it will be just a temporary thing. Regarding the automatic startup. Scotty, the WinPatrol dog kindly warned me of new program being installed in the Windows system, but did not mention specifically the new startup entry which usually happens. I couldn’t find a record of it in WinPatrol’s startup programs’ list. There were only two entries related by date to the install: Launcher.exe and something else with no company name associated with them (File does not exist info instead). Thanks for your info though. Is it worth having you reckon?

  7. Mikerman

    Reply to this comment#26

    [@pepe] As far as I can tell, there actually are 2 ways to turn the back-ups off:

    1. “Pause” the timing/running of the back-ups; that keeps them from running.

    2. Just exit from the program (which still may be found in your System Tray, even if you’ve x’ed off from the program on the desktop). Note: when installing, the program tries to put itself in your automatic Start-Up menu. If you let it do so, remove it, so that the program does not automatically start up when you turn your computer on (unless you want it to, of course).

    Also, the version installed using the SharewareOnSale link also is version 4.05.500.

  8. pepe

    Reply to this comment#25

    Hello everybody.

    I went through whole purchase/download/install/register process without problems. As Mikerman suggested earlier in his comment (#16) after receiving the registration code from Genie9 I downloaded the .exe file directly from their website (you will find the download link in the registration mail) and ran it. The version installed was build (not as stated here on S.o.S.) I registered it with no problems with earlier received serial number. To register you need to click through three backup setting screens and click on red “enter serial number” (screenprint:

    Upon closer inspection I decided against keeping it on my PC mainly because it does not provide an option of switching the backups off. One can not stop it from working in the background.

    Fortunately the uninstall process went smoothly. Revo Uninstaller Free did not find any crumbles at all.

    Thought it might be usefull. Cheers.

  9. Mikerman

    Reply to this comment#24

    [@Carl] To avoid that, on the screen in which you set the time for the backup, simply set it for a later time (e.g. when I installed the program this morning, I set the backup for 8 p.m.). On that initial screen or later on, you then may “pause” the time for the back-up, effectively stopping it from running.

    I’ve seen other backup programs that are this proactive–I think it’s all done just to make sure that we set a back-up to run. Unfortunately, for some of us, it gets in the way, when we want to be the ones in charge.

  10. Carl

    Reply to this comment#23

    [@Mikerman] Makes sense; unfortunately, when I click Next on screen 3, the backup starts running and IS haven’t seen another screen since and it won’t let me kill it.

  11. Mikerman

    Reply to this comment#22

    [@CARL] Edie and Carl– Have you gotten past the first 3 screens, in which you set up your backups? You can fill in any information there for now, and change the info. later. Once that’s done, you’ll get to the program main screen, and can put in your key there, set preferences, change the back-up, etc. Hope this helps–

  12. Eddie

    Reply to this comment#21

    I must be losing it. I can’t find anywhere to put in the key. No menus or anything.

  13. Eddie

    Reply to this comment#20

    Can’t find tools or any menu

  14. CARL

    Reply to this comment#19

    [@CARL] That’s my point – My screen does not look like your screenshot. There is no Tools icon/button or, for that matter, any of the other icons/buttons shown in your screenshot. All there is is big 1, 2, 3 icons/buttons and a Next arrow.

    tools,product info

  15. CARL

    Reply to this comment#17

    I downloaded form the .ZIP from the SOS email. I read the .TXT, followed the included link, and provided the requested information. I receive my License Number from Genie9. I installed the software from the .EXE in the .ZIP.

    Where does do I enter the Licence Number? I can not find any place in the software to enter it. Also, the screen I get when I run the program likes nothing like the screen shot on this page.

  16. Mikerman

    Reply to this comment#16

    Just because I so dislike those “you must install today” restrictions:

    When you sign up for the software, you will receive a link to download a zip file, containing an executable file for the software and a readme file with a link to get a program registration key from Genie. If you use that executable file to install the software, it first verifies that the offer still is active. If, however, you use the download link contained in the registration email that you receive from Genie along with your registration key, the software executable file seems to bypass the check to make sure that the promotion is active, seemingly allowing you to install/re-install at a later date, should you wish.


  17. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#15

    [@Gary] Please use a different email address, then. Genie9 is sending out the keys directly — not us — so I can’t verify your email for you.

  18. Gary

    Reply to this comment#14

    I never received an email with the activation code. Please verify my email. The site is not recognizing it for some reason.

  19. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#13

    [@Gary] Check junk/spam.

    [@Gary] You need not uninstall the trial version, you can just register that.

    [@Erick] Your download is probably corrupt. Download it again.

  20. dwebb5

    Reply to this comment#12

    Never mind I found it

  21. dwebb5

    Reply to this comment#11

    I do not have the serial number requires. Where is it?

  22. Gary

    Reply to this comment#10

    I still haven’t received the activation code.

  23. Gary

    Reply to this comment#9

    The first time I tried this I downloaded the Free trial and installed it. The second time I found the correct link and the download was incomplete. That was order: #166921. I downloaded it again order: #166941 and read the readme file. I unistalled the trial version but retained the settings. I am waiting for the activation code before I reinstall it. Please verify that this is the correct way to do this.
    Thanks very much.

  24. Erick

    Reply to this comment#8

    Having trouble downloading file, getting statement of “application not found” after it finish it dowloading and read to open.

  25. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#7

    [@Mikerman] Sorry, fixed. Copy + paste fail.

  26. Mikerman

    Reply to this comment#6

    Note: Per the info. in the program’s download readme file, “You have to activate it before the Giveaway offer for the software is over” (that is, today). This is distinct from info. at SharewareOnSale, which states, “Can be installed or re-installed after this offer is over, as long as you use it on the same machine.”

    Not quite sure which is correct–be safe and install/activate it today, then?

  27. SamG

    Reply to this comment#5

    Dorothy you might try 7zip or another FREE ZIP/UNZIP program. I trashed winzop years ago when they wanted more money.

  28. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#4

    [@Rick] Read the readme.txt file in the download we gave you.

    [@dorothy] That has nothing to do with Windows 8. The issue is you haven’t purchased WinZip. Uninstall WinZip and get 7-zip instead – see

    [@vanierstein] Thanks!

  29. Rick

    Reply to this comment#3

    Where is the activation key???

  30. dorothy

    Reply to this comment#2

    I hate windows8
    unable to open file – says my win zip is expired and do not know how to open file – every time I re-download it defaults to an expired program


  31. vanierstein

    Reply to this comment#1

    After opening program,go to tools,product info,select enter serial #,enter serial,close program,voila !

Important Info

Terms and Conditions

  • This is a 1-user lifetime license, for home use
  • No free updates
  • No free tech support
  • Must be downloaded, installed, and registered before this offer is over
  • May not be resold
  • No refunds and exchanges; if you are having trouble activating or registering, please ask for help

Technical Details

  • Developed by Genie9
  • Current version is v4.0.5.500
  • Download size is 20.7 MB
  • Supports Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • VirusTotal scan results: 0/46