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Free Kingsoft Office Suite Professional 2013 (100% discount)

Terms and Conditions
  • This is a 1-computer 1-year license, for home use
  • No free updates; if you update the program, you may lose it
  • No free tech support
  • Must be downloaded and installed before this offer has ended
  • May not be resold
  • No refunds and exchanges; if you are having trouble activating or registering, please ask for help
Technical Details
  • Developed by Kingsoft
  • Version is v9.1.0.4560
  • Download size is 61.4 MB
  • Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • VirusTotal scan results: results

Kingsoft Office Suite Professional 2013 is an office suite with three components — Writer (word processing), Presentation (presentations), Spreadsheets (spreadsheets) — and support for Microsoft Office files and VBA macros.

This sale has expired, sorry! See Active Sales list for more free and discounted Windows software.

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  1. RobCr

    Reply to this comment#140

    I fired mine up to see if I get the same problem.
    I don’t, but there is more involved here.
    I have the free version, thus your (both of you) problem ain’t possible.
    So “I gots to know” (Dirty Harry) -Why are you not using the free version ?
    If my memory can be relied on (usually not), the only difference is the Pro version allows VBA
    “So you got to ask yourselves” (Dirty Harry) – Are you using VBA ?

  2. 4fc85777

    Reply to this comment#139


    It worked for a while but then I get the same error as you.

  3. Office

    Reply to this comment#138

    I installed and ran this on the Jun 27, 2014, it was working fine. Now any time I run it I get a box pop up saying ‘Product Manager Center’ and its asking for a product key.

    I can’t say I recommend this software as it seems to be buggy.

  4. Nie

    Reply to this comment#137

    Opps,international version is good

  5. Gramor

    Reply to this comment#136

    [@Neil from Beachwood] I have the 2010 ashampoo/softmaker Office but frankly I find Kingsoft better and the only edge of the registered/Professional Kingsoft Office over the free one is the macros capability which I don’t use anyway. Yes ashampoo offer competitive prices and giveaways of their older versions but one year later they want you to pay again for the next version while in the meantime they bog you down with email offers, this is their marketing tactic which is reasonable in a way while Kingsoft leaves you in peace in terms of promotion emails.

  6. Pálos Tamás

    Reply to this comment#135

    Спасибо за программу

  7. Игорь

    Reply to this comment#134

    Спасибо за программу.

  8. Pálos Tamás

    Reply to this comment#133

    Pálos Tamás

  9. Michel

    Reply to this comment#132

    Thanks, i wil try this nice software.

  10. Eliot

    Reply to this comment#131

    It asks for a license key! Please fix!

  11. peter schubert

    Reply to this comment#130

    Great software for the right price. Give-me-a-break Microsoft Office. Thank you Kingsoft.

  12. Mark

    Reply to this comment#129

    [@Neil from Beachwood]

    I have received email offers for Ashampoo Office for as little as $5.99, just for the record.

    As for those who question why they should pay anything when they can get a free suite, Softmaker/Ashampoo happen to have a very high degree of compatibility with M$ file formats. Yes, it’s not 100% – but that one is as close as it gets, much better conversion than Open/Libre office.

  13. i_a

    Reply to this comment#128

    never really used this before, I prefer open source office suits, have used the free version of Softmaker office, will try this out.
    tanks for the share.
    @Neil from Beachwood
    Ashampoo Office is a rebrand of Softmaker Office, the do offer a free version you can try it out

  14. dadzboss

    Reply to this comment#127

    Great alternative to Word, and the price is great at $30.00, BUT Open Office is FREE and does everything! I’ve used it for years for work and home. As long as Open Office is around, I will never pay for Word type program again! Check it out:

  15. Black Wolf

    Reply to this comment#126

    can i download this giveaway, overwriting the same version from an older giveaway of 31DECEMBER? or i have to uninstall the other giveaway first?
    Thank you for your help :)

  16. Neil from Beachwood

    Reply to this comment#125

    Ashampoo Office 2012 is a not-exactly freeware (but close) alternative. Like the Kingsoft product, it is a full replacement for MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

    Unlike Kingsoft, the license is forever, and you will have an option to make it fully portable–the program and all necessary configuration files can be stored on your USB drive. Support and service packs from Softmaker (Ashampoo Office is actually Softmaker Office with a different brand name) are free.

    It reads and writes all Microsoft file formats (e.g. DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, etc) flawlessly.

    You have to jump through a few hoops to get it dirt cheap, but it will be worth the effort.

    First, go to

    and follow the instruction for downloading and registering Office 2010. (That’s right–you have to start with an old version. I did warn that there were hoops.)

    The registration form for 2010 can be found at

    Now that you are a registered user of Office 2010, you qualify for the $9.99 USD upgrade to Office 2012. Go to

    and click the appropriate button to upgrade.

    You’re welcome.

  17. normofthenorth

    Reply to this comment#124

    [@bytexperience] No need to use nasty words. Thanks to BOTH of you for posting some detailed and very helpful info about an office suite I find very useful. And yes, when it won’t do something I want to do, I try other suites, many of which are bigger and slower.

  18. Bill

    Reply to this comment#123

    infoquest: I recommend just taking a deep breath, going for a stroll in the garden, relaxing with a nice cuppa tea, and then coming back and enjoying your May 27th installation for the next 11 months, writing interesting essays in Writer, doing fascinating calculations in Spreadsheets and designing stunning shows in Presentation.

    There is such a thing as being so caught up in the metadata of life, that the data of life passes you by.

    In any case, Kingsoft does give away a 12-m licence to this suite fairly often. So… relax for the next few months.

  19. Lea Wiggins

    Reply to this comment#122


    I just wanted to respond to this comment. I tried Libre Office and did not like it. I am using Windows XP Pro, and it would hardly load.

  20. Lea Wiggins

    Reply to this comment#121

    Thanks, I have been wanting to try this program out for a while!

  21. infoquest

    Reply to this comment#120

    Installed this version from May 27th giveaway. Will re-installing this extend the license by one month?

  22. bytexperience

    Reply to this comment#119

    You don’t like this product, ok i understand, but if you are so stupid to know how to WPS Office to open a new document at startup demonstrate how pertinent is your comment. Try to enter on options menu, when you have a document open click on writer menu, then click options, select “General and Save” submenu, and go to Start with field check the “New Document” instead of “Home Page” – this is it, now your WPS Office start with a new document tab instead of the home page.
    You speak about LibreOffice, let me simplify for you… libre office is more and more hard to load for a lot of PC’s, it takes a lot of time to open a simple document, i have used it a lot of years, and installed on various configs from AMD Duron to I7, and it need a lot of resources to work, it opens so hard, and sometimes remain stucked on various tasks… I have used it on Windows XP to Windows 8.1 also on Linux (various distros) every time the same story.
    Not the case for WPS Office, this is a good office suite, it makes his job well for his money.
    Tanks a lot guys for this reloaded sale.

  23. Philx

    Reply to this comment#118

    If you’re happy with the always-free version, then it’s probably worth having a go with this ‘professional’ version. Kingsoft was brilliant in rescuing many from the avaricious clutches of Microsoft and the flight to its look-alike Office 2000 Professional suite (as well as the shunning of Richmond’s idiots by Libre fans) didn’t go unnoticed by Microsoft. Currently, the former ‘genius’ responsible for the ludicrous bloating of MS Office and the equally ludicrous “ribbon” in Word heads up a department well away from having anything further to do with Office. But also currently, there are actually better word processors out there than Kingsoft’s Writer; despite being nagged about its various faults, Kingsoft still hasn’t remedied them.

    It may of course be that you don’t need to condense a font so as to make a line of text fit without an orphan. But many do, and Kingsoft’s condense text facility is appalling. Nor is there any way to create a default setting: the program insists on throwing up bizarre 0.00298956187 reductions (and similar).

    The program also always opens onto a web screen and then you need to open a document template. However, if you’ve created and saved one of your own, and ticked the box to make it the default, Writer ignores that and continues to open Kingsoft’s own document template, one of those bizarre pages you sometimes read from folks who know nowt about word processors and happily have one and a half inch margins top, bottom and both sides of a page. Oh, and plus headers and footers, too.

    Evidence of under-development continues on elsewhere, and the program’s inability to capture a section of text and adjust the margins. In Word 2000, it’s a matter of a few seconds’ work: highlight, move the left and right indents along the upper screen ruler, and that’s it. There’s no such tool in Kingsoft Writer. If you’re writing the official Minutes of a meeting, or trying to produce a document where key paragraphs can stand out on the page, Kingsoft Writer insists you tab-from-left each individual line — tedious, not always accurate, and even then you’ve done nothing about the right margin extent.

    Theoretically,. Kingsoft Writer does allow individual text settings to be accorded specific margins, but time and again it fails in practise and actually slams the margins into the entire document instead of the section. Summary: if you’re *not* after a professional finish to your documents, then Kingsoft Professional will do nicely. If you are looking for — or are required to produce — professionally finished documents, then there’s better freeware out there than Kingsoft Writer.

  24. Alex

    Reply to this comment#117

    It doesnt support other languages so useless in my opinion.

  25. siegfried gassen

    Reply to this comment#116

    thanks for the pro version – i had the free office already before – so now i can use all options possible

  26. Poseidon

    Reply to this comment#115

    Not a substitute for the real MS Office 2010. My partner who uses MS Office 2010 hates it. Called it useless. For starters you can’t even get the line spacing right in Writer. Simple task in MS Office but not with Kingsoft. No change to the previous giveaways this year either. Had to uninstall it. Suggest Apache Office or Libre Office instead which are both free and far more complete office suites than Kingsoft.

  27. h

    Reply to this comment#114OLD COMMENT


  28. hasan

    Reply to this comment#113OLD COMMENT

    hai fhbjnhkijlol, b jbjb

  29. kishoreraveendran

    Reply to this comment#112OLD COMMENT

    Wow that is a amazing product

  30. 13YTe

    Reply to this comment#111OLD COMMENT

    When will be reloaded this sale again? It will be nice if more people can benefit from this amazing software…

  31. Eva

    Reply to this comment#110OLD COMMENT

    i will try it, thank you

  32. wanggang

    Reply to this comment#109OLD COMMENT

    try it free

  33. Rob Down Under

    Reply to this comment#108OLD COMMENT

    I bit the bullet and installed in my main PC (disabling Avast as others did).
    It replaced the free version.
    For those that think the free version is enough, there is one (non macro) advantage if you use the Pro – It gets rid of the nag Tab in Writer. (I did not realize that it was ‘get ridable’)
    Regarding what happens when the 12 months is up -
    - I will report back in 12 months
    - I will scrutinize the GOTD page from April 2014, to see what the commentors say.

    Can’t do that now as someone rang to say their niece has a WD portable drive, which cannot be read, and is making a clicking noise. I have to research that first
    PS No one should ever buy a WD portable drive, and use it as a sole place to store data.
    There should be a warning to that effect on all portable drives, like there is on cigarette packets.
    PPS Ashraf, this web page appears flaky in recalling when we are logged in (I use FF).

  34. normofthenorth

    Reply to this comment#107OLD COMMENT

    Long-time KOS user, free and paid-for-free. My Avast anti-Virus (like others’) REALLY doesn’t like this installation file!! I had to disable all the Shields for 10 minutes while installing it. This is really a false positive, right? (RIGHT?!?)

  35. corporeo

    Reply to this comment#106OLD COMMENT

    A very well balanced software.
    Thank you!

  36. mark

    Reply to this comment#105OLD COMMENT

    Thanks a lot for this offer. Kingsofts office is a great suite!

  37. other pcs

    Reply to this comment#104OLD COMMENT

    Those asking how do you know it is the Pro version -
    If you open up the Spreadsheet program, and try to go to Menu Tools -> Macros
    If you have the free version, it won’t proceed further, and instead tells you to get the Pro version.

    For those needing an email address, try which I love
    If you remove the space from my name (THUS IT becomes otherpcs) and add you can send me emails.
    I am not usually the secretive type, but I did not wish to muck up my free version, by installing this Pro free giveaway. So I installed it in another PC, that I may get around to selling one day. That is why I created a gmx email to register it

    other pcs (aka Rob Down Under)

  38. Rob Down Under

    Reply to this comment#103OLD COMMENT

    I bet some of you reading the 1 year limit, believe it means no updates after 1 year.
    I was googling and came across another site offering a discount to purchase the Pro version. It very clearly said that you can only use the program for 1 year. WHICH TO ME MEANS THAT IT WILL STOP WORKING AFTER 1 YEAR
    Could someone clarify this please ?

    PS I have been using the free version for a couple of months, and love it.
    I did not think I needed the Pro, until someone sent me a (.xlsx) spreadsheet to study.
    It opens OK, but he told me to click somewhere, and nothing ‘opened’ (probably a macro, or something). I appreciate that the free version will not allow creation/editing of macros, but -
    Could someone tell me whether macros(etc) will function/run when viewing the spreadsheet, in the free version ?

  39. vikas bhatt

    Reply to this comment#102OLD COMMENT

    Thanks for the free giveaway. How do I find out that this is a Pro version and not free version as this is not clearly mentioned in “About” after installation.

  40. Ti Vo

    Reply to this comment#101OLD COMMENT

    installed this and a blank “Product Management Center” window opens instead of the program

    Seems script which was supposed to insert key did not work…can I get help with this please?

  41. RickyTaba

    Reply to this comment#100OLD COMMENT

    The download doesn’t start!!! It says it’s starting, I keep waiting but after a few min it fails… Why? Anyone else had the same problem?

  42. Becky

    Reply to this comment#99OLD COMMENT

    [@Becky] Got it. Whew. Some days everything’s a hassle…but I refuse to permit today to be one of those days ;-)

  43. Becky

    Reply to this comment#98OLD COMMENT

    First time this happened to me: googling how to fix but nothing yet.
    When I click on the download link a page pops up that says the site is blocked. I don’t have any sites blocked (tho’ Outpost may have done so.

    I need a spreadsheet today. (hate open office maybe it’s time to try Libre if I can find it for free.)

  44. FrancisBorne

    Reply to this comment#97OLD COMMENT

    Somebody from China asked in a past comment whether there is a chinese localization. It’s a chinese software despite the name Kingsoft.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
    Kingsoft Office (KSO or KSOffice) or in China WPS Office …
    The Chinese government made Kingsoft office software the standard for various government branches.

    Therefore if you can’t stop it from phoning home perhaps somebody elsewhere will read and store all your information.

  45. Privacy Doctor

    Reply to this comment#96OLD COMMENT

    [@lennarth] It’s my pleasure my friend.

  46. Harun Kahya

    Reply to this comment#95OLD COMMENT

    Perfect Giveaway with NotLimited Licence, I was looking for many weeks to Kingsoft’s Office programme; thanks Boss.

  47. Kelltic

    Reply to this comment#94OLD COMMENT

    Not a give-away. The license is only good for one year. IMO, useless.

  48. lennarth

    Reply to this comment#93OLD COMMENT

    [@Privacy Doctor] Thanks for the replay, not to seem ungrateful but according to some tests I read online Avast is better than McAfee, so if I should believe in that fact I’m still a critical on this exe file so any good. but thank you very much :) and in any case the 30 day trial period anyone know if there is a serial key for it and if how to get it?

  49. Privacy Doctor

    Reply to this comment#92OLD COMMENT

    Hello @Lennart
    McAfee didn’t find a risk/virus.

  50. Lennart

    Reply to this comment#91OLD COMMENT

    My Avast antivirus says its a virus? anyone else have that problem?

  51. Alen

    Reply to this comment#90OLD COMMENT

    thanks for this great freebie. I noticed you say it comes pre-registered but in the terms it says it is a 30 trial. I hope it will not ask for a key in 30 days!

  52. Sato Taizo

    Reply to this comment#89OLD COMMENT

    Thank you

  53. DoctorG

    Reply to this comment#88OLD COMMENT

    [@Ernie F] [@Ernie F]

    Thanks for the info!

  54. William Ward

    Reply to this comment#87OLD COMMENT

    Hi Guys,
    Fantastic service you supply, and much appreciated by we older folk on a restricted income

  55. RyoDan Daa

    Reply to this comment#86OLD COMMENT


  56. Richard

    Reply to this comment#85OLD COMMENT

    Kingsoft Professional = nice giveaway. Thanks.

  57. anon

    Reply to this comment#84OLD COMMENT

    Nice giveaway. Thank you

  58. Nabeel

    Reply to this comment#83OLD COMMENT

    Management sharewareonsale supports all the visitors, and supports members ..
    Thank you very much for this administration .

  59. Rob Down Under

    Reply to this comment#82OLD COMMENT

    Thanks Ernie for your post on Apr 7.
    For those that would like to avoid the activation step (ie get a copy pre-activated), this offer although expired, appears to be still allowing the download (61.4 MB).
    I am downloading it now.
    However based on Ernie’s helpful info, I probably will just get the free version..

  60. kareii

    Reply to this comment#81OLD COMMENT

    [@Ernie F]
    I agree with you. KSO is very compatible with MSO. However, it’s not compatible with LibreOffice :D

  61. thirasakp

    Reply to this comment#80OLD COMMENT

    Good software

  62. Ron Kaussner

    Reply to this comment#79OLD COMMENT

    Thank you soooo much. I really appreciate this.

  63. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#78OLD COMMENT

    This giveaway is back, again.

  64. Ernie F

    Reply to this comment#77OLD COMMENT

    note per a comment on the Glarysoft site, when commenter installed today’s giveaway it changed his slightly older version of Kingsoft Office 2013 that had a ‘lifetime license’ to the newest version but with just the 1 year license. So unless you have a really old version might want to pass on the install.

  65. mansouli

    Reply to this comment#76OLD COMMENT

    très bon logiciel merci !

  66. Ernie F

    Reply to this comment#75OLD COMMENT

    [@DoctorG] Not sure but I think it reverts to the ‘FREE All-the-Time’ version at end of 1 year. The main difference is ‘FREE All-the-time’ doesn’t have Macros or VBA capabilities. If you go to Kingsoft website many questions will be answered. They offer 3 versions 1-’FREE all-the-time’; 2- $69.99 (1user3pc, lifetime lic, but not lifetime updates ; and 3- 1year $29.99. So with todays giveaway, you are getting the full Pro version with 1-year license. For comparison with each version and with MS Office go to following link
    I have a previous version of Kingsoft Office. Very capable program. Agree that its biggest missing feature is compatibility with ODT files. Otherwise it has high compatibility with MS Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
    Hope this helps someone decide if they want to install or pass on todays giveaway.

  67. Ron

    Reply to this comment#74OLD COMMENT

    Free version is really great. So light and fast. This program starts quickly and opens everything Micorsoft Office does.

  68. Solrock

    Reply to this comment#73OLD COMMENT

    Tank you for the Download I try this New Verson of Kingsoft Office Thank You again

  69. talos_2002

    Reply to this comment#72OLD COMMENT

    Maybe the best MS Office competitor.

  70. DoctorG

    Reply to this comment#71OLD COMMENT

    Nice give-away; however, RE: The comment under Terms & Conditions, which states, “This is a 1-user 1-year license, for home use…”
    Somebody asked earlier if this means that the software ceases to function (or is at that point limited in some other fashion) after one year, but nobody appeared to respond. Does anybody know the answer to this question?
    Thanks in advance.

  71. sahanut

    Reply to this comment#70OLD COMMENT

    very good app thanks a lot

  72. the_dr

    Reply to this comment#69OLD COMMENT

    Thank u so much …..

  73. Umberto

    Reply to this comment#68OLD COMMENT

    I press “download it now” button and nothing happens..

  74. hien

    Reply to this comment#67OLD COMMENT

    of course, if you don’t need .pptx format, because KS free supports docx and xlsx, but not pptx!

  75. hien

    Reply to this comment#66OLD COMMENT

    If you don’t need Macro feature, you no need to install KS pro, free version is enough for common users!

  76. Evan

    Reply to this comment#65OLD COMMENT

    Very luck to get Kingsoft Office Suite Professional 2013

  77. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#64OLD COMMENT

    This giveaway is back!

  78. thoai

    Reply to this comment#63OLD COMMENT


  79. c. Rex

    Reply to this comment#62OLD COMMENT

    [@RobCr] “.kingsoft provides a quasi-tutorial ….convert docx format can be found here:

  80. c. Rex

    Reply to this comment#61OLD COMMENT

    DL. & install processes, were seamless & painless! -In order to activate the sw,I had to open the program ie. Kingston Writer, after which, it alerted that sic: it was a trial version, and that I should click the activate link. So clicking the activate button, led to an online check-call home?? Finally, ;-)the results came back: “you are now the proud father of a brand new 2013 Kingsoft office suite” Thanks Kingsoft for providing this alternative office suite, which is much faster than, and much more lighter on resources, than that other bloated one- which shall remain nameless! c.Rex

  81. Lohengrin Percival

    Reply to this comment#60OLD COMMENT

    The problem with Kingsoft office is it has utterly poor support for the Arabic language, especially with their spreadsheets application. I emailed them about this problem almost a year ago but they didn’t do anything to solve it.

  82. hjp

    Reply to this comment#59OLD COMMENT

    maybe , we all can look @ , because kingsoft , ashampo etc., rip libreoffice to there benefits and make $$$$

  83. chen

    Reply to this comment#58OLD COMMENT

    Is there a Chinese version?

  84. RobCr

    Reply to this comment#57OLD COMMENT

    Thanks for the comparison Ernie.
    If Macro’s are the only difference, I will probably go for the free version.
    Can one open docX or xlsX and then save them the way God intended (doc and xls) ?


  85. Ernie F

    Reply to this comment#56OLD COMMENT

    [@Gramor] Here is link to compare the always ‘Free’ version with the Pro 2013 (todays giveaway):

  86. Gramor

    Reply to this comment#55OLD COMMENT

    Ah here is the comparison:
    From personal experience the Free version is fully functional in reply to [arvid]#50

  87. Gramor

    Reply to this comment#54OLD COMMENT

    I was running the free version and I uninstalled it to reinstall the current version – to tell you the truth I cannot tell the difference – according to what I read the Free version has macros disabled but anyway I am not using macros. The version provided through SoS installed without a glitch.
    By the way, this program feels better and more powerful and modern than the Ashampoo 2010 Office IMHO. Because of the comments about the trial version I checked mine under Help>Product Management Center: There it shows a Serial Number made of asterisks and lists the 3 individual component programs and in parentheses it says (Not Activated). Does this mean it is the Free version or a full but not activated version (how does it get activated?), probably the latter but anyway I will use it and thanks.

  88. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#53OLD COMMENT

    [@dethise] Welcome!

    [@Mina] It works just fine for me. What is the name of the file you downloaded?

  89. Mina

    Reply to this comment#52OLD COMMENT

    Does not work, installed as admin, upon running asks for serial number to activate the program, won’t launch any application unless serial number is entered, which obviously not provided

  90. dethise

    Reply to this comment#51OLD COMMENT

    Bonjour à tous.
    Merci pour vos logiciels super et de sur-crois gratuits.
    Bonne continuation !

  91. arvid

    Reply to this comment#50OLD COMMENT

    so this is really a 1 year trial? After that does the program lose some features, or perhaps seize to operate entirely?
    what happens after the one year? I am expected to either purchase the commercial version or uninstall it? what?
    it is very dubious this one year license? a lot of ??? and no answers.

  92. mikele

    Reply to this comment#49OLD COMMENT

    hi, to me it does not work and is not active, it tells me the trial version

  93. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#48OLD COMMENT

    [@vrw436] Please read earlier comment.

    [@sawa] The sale is over, it isn’t available anymore.

  94. sawa

    Reply to this comment#47OLD COMMENT

    can’t find where to download the free Free Kingsoft Office Suite Professional 2013 (100% discount) on your webpage ?? I click on it but it doesn’t bring me to that. help please. thank you!!!!!

  95. vrw436

    Reply to this comment#46OLD COMMENT

    Why does it have a selection for Mac when it only downloads as MS? I was really disappointed because I have it on my old Windows computer but am now unable to have it on my new Mac I was so happy to receive as a present.

  96. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#45OLD COMMENT

    [@rgcdenver] When asking about the platform isn’t about the offer; that is about our newsletter. I can see the confusion, however — I will make a change to make it more clear.

    [@amlouis] Sounds like your download is corrupt.

  97. amlouis

    Reply to this comment#44OLD COMMENT

    Dear Sir,

    The free kingsoft professional offer (#328277) I downloaded did not install (under administrator rights).
    Message: Installer integrity check has failed. Common causes include incomplete download and damaged media. Contact the installer’s author to obtain a new copy.

    Thank you and have a happy new year.

  98. rgcdenver

    Reply to this comment#43OLD COMMENT

    Interesting that you are asked what platform you “use”, yet there is only a Windows version. I “use” both platforms, but only have “admin”access on a Mac. So worthless to me.

  99. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#42OLD COMMENT

    [@travellers] There is no Mac version — this giveaway is of the Windows version.

  100. travellers

    Reply to this comment#41OLD COMMENT

    I ticked the box for a MAC version but what downloaded was the Microsoft Windows version . . how do I get the MAC version? Your help is appreciated.

  101. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#40OLD COMMENT

    [@smarchunt] This is for Windows. If you want for your Android tablet, see

    [@Ken] Hmmm? That is an odd message… maybe your download is corrupt, will you try downloading again?

    [@FB] You may need to run as admin.

    [@Gene] Yes.

  102. smarchunt

    Reply to this comment#39OLD COMMENT

    Download to nexus 7 twice. Can’t open file

  103. Ken

    Reply to this comment#38OLD COMMENT

    When I try to install a message states: this app will not run on your pc. To find a version that will run on your pc contact the publisher.

  104. FB

    Reply to this comment#37OLD COMMENT

    Error opening file for writing:C:\Program Files\Kingsoft\Kingsoft Office\office6\oledefaulthandler.dll

  105. Gene

    Reply to this comment#36OLD COMMENT

    : kingsoft_office_2013_127.exe will it run on win 7?

  106. JohnLuck

    Reply to this comment#35OLD COMMENT

    For those who have installed this and a blank “Product Management Center” window opens instead of the program: For some reason, (possibly an unsuccessful script) our serial number was not filled in. I will leave a link to an email form. Email me and I will tell you how to correct this problem.

  107. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#34OLD COMMENT

    [@arifahmed689] [@MySelf] Fixed, sorry about that.

  108. MySelf

    Reply to this comment#33OLD COMMENT

    Hi all, Unable to download it.
    but i’ve see the link returned is false.
    http://sharewareonsale/ instead of
    it’s corrected manually for me

  109. arifahmed689

    Reply to this comment#32OLD COMMENT

    am unable to download any shareware …whats the reason…

  110. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#31OLD COMMENT

    [@Marin] Welcome!

    [@Reia] [@stevedai] Yes you are missing something because no serial number is needed — the program is pre-activated. Are you sure you downloaded the right file? What is the file name?

    [@Johnluck] It works for everyone =/

    [@ThomasM] Welcome!

  111. ThomasM

    Reply to this comment#30OLD COMMENT

    Tried it with a different browser, emptied cache – AND IT WORKED ;-))
    Thank you Ashraf. @>->–
    No serial needed, jut installed and that was it.

  112. Johnluck

    Reply to this comment#29OLD COMMENT

    I’m curious. Did anyone have successes with this one?

  113. stevedai

    Reply to this comment#28OLD COMMENT

    serial number

  114. Reia

    Reply to this comment#27OLD COMMENT

    not activated and to add serial number..Am i missing anything here ?

  115. Reia

    Reply to this comment#26OLD COMMENT

    it request a serial number !!!!
    whats happend???

  116. Marin

    Reply to this comment#25OLD COMMENT

    Thanks for the Free Kingsoft Office Suite Professional

  117. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#24OLD COMMENT

    [@ThomasM] Clear browser cache + cookies or try it in a different browser.

  118. ThomasM

    Reply to this comment#23OLD COMMENT

    Clicking on the “Download it now!” Button does not give any result. Unlike Abelssoft’s Cleverprint (which is an excellent giveaway, by the way)

  119. Ashraf

    Reply to this comment#22OLD COMMENT

    [@Ahamed] one year — read the terms and conditions above :-)

  120. Ahamed

    Reply to this comment#21OLD COMMENT

    Is it 1year or lifetime?

  121. Deafrocks

    Reply to this comment#20OLD COMMENT

    I got free giveaway Kingsoft Office Suite Professional 2012 last few month ago. I notice that 2012 looks better with design than 2013 to my opinion.

  122. Dawn Milford

    Reply to this comment#19OLD COMMENT

    Have tried several times through different browsers but have been unable to get this to download completely

  123. dotbiz

    Reply to this comment#18OLD COMMENT

    I downloaded and installed (clean install) from the receipt link ..when I go to product management I get kingsoft writer not activated and to add serial number..Am i missing anything here ?

  124. Muftwale

    Reply to this comment#17OLD COMMENT


  125. Muftwale

    Reply to this comment#16OLD COMMENT

    Face similar issues with GOTD & Games GOTD , galrysoft giveaways often.
    What works fro me is run IE then select Offline mode
    then again select online mode
    run the programs/activation programs and registration issues related to connectivity are sorted out
    Otherwise I get messages giveaways has expired cannot connect to internet etc
    IE is not my default browser ,and though other apps /browser can connect after doing this offline/online routine with IE the problem gets sorted out.

  126. John Amrein

    Reply to this comment#15OLD COMMENT

    I wish to only install Word processor only, is that possible?

  127. John A.

    Reply to this comment#14OLD COMMENT

    Two questions:
    #1 Using Word 2003 and not working very well with Win 8. Curser moves on its own when typing.
    Very annoying. Due others have this problem with Win 8?
    #2 Can I just install Kings word processor from the Office Suite Pro?

  128. Wareitwell

    Reply to this comment#13OLD COMMENT

    What I’m not clear on is the 1 year license. Is this for upgrades or do some functions of the program cease to operate after one year? I’m guessig it’s just in relation to upgrades.

  129. bellamamma

    Reply to this comment#12OLD COMMENT

    @Ashraf… I’m quite happy knowing that there is another secret (well, secret to me…) site that gives out great software for free, otherwise not free. I have to admit, you have good SEO skills and such. Good work on getting all this free software. Seriously, you find lots of things. Thanks.

  130. quiddity

    Reply to this comment#11OLD COMMENT

    The license code is only good for one year.

  131. keith_in_az

    Reply to this comment#10OLD COMMENT

    This states in the EULA, that it is a 30 day trial.
    Is this so?

  132. Mel

    Reply to this comment#9OLD COMMENT

    precisa de s/n. Qual é

  133. m

    Reply to this comment#8OLD COMMENT

    I purchased the Pro license and do not regret it one bit. While it does not do everything MS Office does, it does do the bulk of it for a lot less money. Once this has a Thesaurus and a few keyboard combination it will be great.

    I did use SoftMaker Office (I own that as well) but I prefer Kingsoft Office and rarely if ever start up SoftMaker any longer.

    It would be nice to see the paid version of Kingsoft Office Pro on sale here as well.

  134. Benjamin

    Reply to this comment#7OLD COMMENT

    Kingsoft Office supports Linux. Any chance of it working on Linux?

  135. user

    Reply to this comment#6OLD COMMENT

    There is need to register it, it not preregistered.

  136. Phree

    Reply to this comment#5OLD COMMENT

    All these programs require nearly same day install to ensure activation. After installing, is there a registry entry to save so that it can be reinstalled after uninstalling? I’m guessing that there’s an activation string and a file or two that’s created, either in the directory or the app data area.

  137. Alan

    Reply to this comment#4OLD COMMENT

    Unfortunately I cannot activate this. I have had this problem with other free versions of this software. Even if I turn off my AV and firewall I get a message that I cannot connect to activation server. Their help indicates this is from an unstable or no internet connection. I have no trouble with the internet connection. In the past when I have contacted Kingsoft, they were unable to help.

  138. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#3OLD COMMENT

    [@QuGh] [@nutlnw] Welcome!

  139. nutlnw

    Reply to this comment#2OLD COMMENT

    Thank you ^ ^

  140. QuGh

    Reply to this comment#1OLD COMMENT

    Thanks for the Sale :)

Important Info

Terms and Conditions

  • This is a 1-computer 1-year license, for home use
  • No free updates; if you update the program, you may lose it
  • No free tech support
  • Must be downloaded and installed before this offer has ended
  • May not be resold
  • No refunds and exchanges; if you are having trouble activating or registering, please ask for help

Technical Details

  • Developed by Kingsoft
  • Version is v9.1.0.4560
  • Download size is 61.4 MB
  • Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • VirusTotal scan results: results