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Peter Blaise

Ouch, the setting on the local computer offer [ x ] or [ √ ], versus the web interface settings, and they seem opposite, so I have no idea if [ x ] means filter is not used or if [ x ] means the referenced contents will be blocked ( filter is used ), and I have no idea if [ √ ] means filter is used, or [ √ ] means referenced content will pass through ( filter is not used ).

See [ http :// oi66 . tinypic . com/16h9mbr . jpg ] to compare web client to Windows client setting opposite each other — who wins, when do they talk to each other, how would I know where to fix or change something if my web browsing experience misbehaves?

Has anyone heard of [ On / Off ] or [ Filter will be used / Filter will not be used ]?

I tried a few settings:

[ Safe Search ] not only made Google mostly empty, it also blocked all other search engines ( except Bing ), so I’d have to put in an exception for, say, DuckDuckGo … and then I’d lose safe search filtering.

[ PornHub.com ] produces a [ This site is blocked ] page.

[ Wikipedia.org ] just came up with Chrome’s standard [ … can’t be reached, check your DNS,or try again … ]

That’s pretty awkward.

It took an unknown amount of time for changes in the web client to propagate.

I shut it off and tried over and over to upload the sample image before I could even get to the image-share page above, I just got a blank web page, no message.

This seems way to complicated and seems to promise to require way too much experimentation to resolve ambiguities for me to recommend this to anyone, let alone use it myself.