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…well if you do the installation right, it works….. but
i have seen so many awesome giveaways here that i cant really complain…
but the critics go to Cyberlink this time….

The given software is nice actually, but the positive “memory effect” in the community that might lead to a sale of one of your Top Line Softwares, IMHO gets destroyed when a download implies “hey you will get an older but full version”, and then on almost all interesting functions of your Software just a window pops up informing you “NOPE you are NOT getting this one…

My suggestion would be leave those “not there” functions entirely off of your giveaways and clearly say that in the giveaways ad… maybe even have a link to the ad for your full version in help menu etc…. entirely nothing wrong with reduced versions… also everything fine with a little ad in it……

just this… “here you have it”………”hmmm no you dont” policy is annoying and leaves a bad taste….

sorry this one gets uninstalled