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[@nibo1978] Hi,
seriously, dont get me wrong here please…

I think that is absolutely fine to choose only a lite version with a reduced feature set for a giveaway.
As a software author or distributor i would do it just the same way :-)
That way you are showing nicely what you are capable of, and you can be sure i would be thankfully spreading the word about it even.

but one thing we must not dicuss here is the fact that the version given away here has these numerous “denial ad popups” (as i call them) where you first seem to get acces to a certain feature and then just….. “nope….”, thats how this version works, period.

That is an advertisement concept, that just gives a weird impression in my opinion. So thats the only thing that i was complaining about.

I still believe Cyberlink is a very good software creator, offering some awesome pieces of software.
In case of this Program, my suggestion would be: remove the non workin functions from the menues but put a link maybe in the help menu that brings a popup, showin all the awesome features that can be used for the price of a full version.

in the end, you can see… my whole point isnt even a real complaint about the company or the software… just a really friendly meant suggestion about advertisement tactics :-)

have a good day