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[@JJ Trader] I myself also work a lot with pdf files and many times I wondered what happens once I post them on my site. I decided to test this to answer your question. After the simple installation and registering the product, I anti-copied a 14 page document by selecting the check marks for each page in the program and saved it to a different location other than where I keep the original on my computer to be sure I used the correct document on my site. I then put it on the web..yes I could copy anything from it. I decided to pull up the program again and recopy just in case I did something wrong. Which I did! After inserting the check marks in the boxes to the right of each page in this program, I noticed two little boxes below “prevent printing” and “prevent copying”. I did not check either of these the first time. I inserted a check mark into the “prevent copying” and ran the program again and put it up on my site. Lo and behold, nothing can now be copied. My stupidity into thinking just because I selected the pages above..doesn’t mean anything until you tell the program what you want it to do. It also has a box to check for password. Haven’t checked that out as yet. I think I am going to like this program. Thank you Ashraf for having this available today and thank you to the developers for allowing it to be given away.