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Felix Crevat

Installs and runs ok on Win7 64-bit. Registered ok online after some initial problems. Either the developer or SoS has caused confusion by providing a “Product key” that actually goes in the Serial Number field.

My big problem with ImageRanger is this: after launch it seems to pick an arbitrary image folder on the drive and show that. If it’s a big image folder with lots of images (or you choose such a folder in the browser), it goes into a frenzy of image indexing with high disk and CPU usage for a long time. But what is it doing? What files is it creating, chewing up my disk space? In the FAQ it says that unlike other programs it doesn’t have a central database, but stores its index information in each folder. Where? I can see that the system thumbs.db file has been updated, but it doesn’t seem to have grown, and ImageRanger shouldn’t be messing with a system file anyway. The Help file mentions db sub-folders and .irg files, but neither exists. There’s nothing in the ImageRanger program folder, or under ProgramData, or in My Documents. So where is it storing everything? I don’t even know if this hidden database would be removed if I uninstalled the program.

It’s unacceptable for a program to create a large database in an unknown location on my hard drive. Therefore, I can’t recommend the program until the developer provides that information.