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Lana (ImageRanger support team)


Good question regarding the program database, we will be updating the docs to make this clear for all users!
When you open a big folder containing thousands of images the ImageRanger will take some time to scan the folder and gather the information about your files. This requires some CPU attention and may last until all files are indexed.
The information is collected only once and it will be used to speed up all subsequent sorting and filtering.
Just like many other software packages the ImageRanger uses temporary files in the system/Temp folder (usually under /…/Local Settings/Temp/). These files can be deleted any time and are not critical for the application to work.
You can clean temp files manually or when you choose “clean up” temporary files using the Windows services. Let me know if you need instructions on how to do it.

Please do not hesitate to write your questions directly at [support at imageranger dot com].

Hope that helps!
Lana, ImageRanger support team