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I am the author of the software.
I am aware that my software is not perfect but not so bad either.
If your antivirus warn you about this… is False Positive so don’t worry, is safe.
it shows only 3 / 60 detection ratio.

Also, is not require any serial.
If your system allows the software to properly run and you follow the instructions included the program will work.

In response to “MR.DAVE” review:
I have made this software for someone (long time ago), respecting his requirements.
The date box should be visible… i don’t know why on your computer is not shown.
For the rest of the issues, you are right but, in order to fix things and improve the program i need to see people are interested and willing to buy a license.
I appreciate your review and i will try to fix things and improve the program in the future versions, as long as I will have time for this.

Thank you.