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Sadly, my personal experience with MediaDimo is that they are either scam artists or totally inept.

Their ‘so-called’ lifetime giveaways are anything but. Once you activate one giveaway others are no longer registered.

I’ve contacted MediaDimo in the past to find that they’re not interested in helping you to resolve ‘problems’ with their registration/activation process. All that they are interested in is selling you the same program that you have already got for ‘free’ … from different giveaway sites, I hasten to add.

I’ve just installed today’s giveaway and on activation found that yet another of their products is no longer registered. (I tried re-entering the giveaway code from that respective giveaway to find that it is now telling me “Wrong registration code.” It appears that although the program(s) is/were installed within the giveaway period that MediaDimo have no intention of sticking by their ‘promise’ of it/them being lifetime registration(s).

The two programs that remain active DO work very well. It’s a shame that they can’t seem to satisfy their other deals.