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Program looks nice, easy to use. A visit to their web page showed me that it only handles specific types of files. So most of the work I do would not be helped. If you rely on Microsoft products (Office, One Note, Outlook, etc.) this would be good. Also handles html, AutoCad and many picture types including jpg & psd but not files from Paint.NET or Twisted Brush. Does MP3 but not FLAC or Ogg. No txt, no support for open document foundation files (like Libre Office). Handles MIDI (.mid) but no support for files from Tracktion, Magix Music Studio or other music production software that I use.

I like that it shows files within their original folder structure. Most recovery programs say “here are all the files we could find on this disk” in one big list so a folder tree is a big improvement. Don’t know if it shows only deleted files, or lists any chance of recovery for each. I’ll grab it as yet another “last resort” recovery program, but wish it would recover many more file types.