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Peter Blaise

I like Kerish Doctor, BUT it is memory heavy, even when using it’s own [ Memory Optimization ] feature that “cleans” memory as often as every 15 minutes.

You decide if your computer has resources to let this run all the time ( I leave it live on my Windows 7-64 pro twin-core 4 GB RAM computers, even though I know that the Kerish Doctor overhead is losing some responsiveness, I then manually run Boost by Reason frequently in order to get responsiveness back … or reboot often when I walk away so I have a fresh computer when I get back ).

Kerish Doctor has warned me when the [ hosts ] file gets changed, when browsers have security problems and should be updated, when Windows OS operating system programs get deleted or replaced, and Kerish Doctor automatically reinstalls whatever went missing or got corrupted ( nice ! ), and pops up recommendations for many system settings that go offline unexpectedly, and even offers to [ Remember this ] so it then dynamically fixes those anomalies whenever they happen in the future without additional popups ( nice ! ).

It has good tweakers and tuners, turning off unneeded windows OS operating system services that do nothing of value ( you accept or reject Kerish Doctor recommendations ), and those work in the free edition – the pro adds automation and cleaning.

Yes, even when the Kerish Doctor system tray icon turns red, meaning the pro subscription has expired, all the non-automatic and non-cleaning features till work just fine, kind of like IObit programs that always work in free mode, only turning off pro features when licenses expire – I wish more programmers recognized the value in this policy.

Kerish Doctor has a wealth of features to explore, I’m still discovering heretofore undiscovers features, and I’ve been using Kerish Doctor for 4 years now, so dig, dig, dig, and you decide if those gazillion buried features offer you benefits or not.

It auto blocks some other programs that it thinks are malware, and I had to dig to find which ones, mark them as safe, restore them ( which Kerish doctor did immediately from it’s own backup resources ), then the ( not really malware ) programs ran fine – but trying to figure out why the “suspect” program immediately disappeared every time I reinstalled it was driving me bonkers.

I’ve never had Windows damage or a crash from Kerish doctor, and that’s a good thing.

Give it a try, and tell us what you think, tell us which features make you pleased, which aggravate you, I want to know because I want to get even greater function out of my own Kerish Doctor.

PS – the [ Solving PC Problems ] section now only allows ONE fix at a time, so if you can find an original installation file for Kerish Doctor 2016, you will see that you can check ALL the [ Solving PC Problems ] offerings at once, then execute them all at once, much faster, easier, more convenient, and way less time-consuming than going back in over and over to click the next fix ( and keep track of which fixes you have already run as you scroll, scroll, scroll to whatever is the next fix ), and then the Kerish Doctor 2016 program will self-upgrade, or let you upgrade, to the current version – I only need to do ALL fixes once on a computer, but I can reinstall Kerish Doctor 2016 again, run all the fixes again, then upgrade again, no problem – take advantage of this convenience if you have a buggy, quirky computer that needs everything it can get to keep limping along, maybe even push it up to becoming stable once more.