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I was still able to register this afternoon with the given key. Program seems very nice, with a LOT of different features. Not sure if I’ll keep it running all the time but I’ll give it a try. Some quick comparisons:

Junk File cleanup
Kerish Doctor found 2.5 GB in 5521 files in 2:13 minutes.
CCleaner found 5.1 GB in 3064 files in 8.61 seconds.
I told KD to “fix” the files, then ran CC again.
CCleaner found 3.4 GB in 200 files in 1.87 seconds.
They’re obviously looking at different things. I did not have CC enabled to clean pre-fetch files or check shortcuts, and KD cleaned out a lot prefetch files, 10 invalid shortcuts and empty folders. Possibly these two programs together will work well!

Installed Software
Kerish Doctor found 773 programs installed. Soft Organizer found 962. Windows 10 Apps & Features found *approximately* 846. I had to hand-count these, and tend to lose focus after a while, so maybe 846 +/-30? Without some serious analysis, no way to know what kind of programs KD missed. Win 10 Apps? Programs with no uninstallers? I did not try uninstalling anything with it.

If I get a chance to try out the Game Booster or Application Booster soon I’ll post again. There’s no way to customize it to disable different things for different uses. And I don’t know what happens if system crashes while things are disabled. Does it re-enable them on next reboot? And I don’t like that it tells me it will change system settings, but I see no way to know exactly what it’s changing so how do I recover later if it causes problems? It has a rollback feature, but can I undo one item without undoing everything KD changed since then? How far back does it remember its changes? The help function is not helpful (few of them are); it tells little more than what’s already on the screen. List of files to be deleted has name and path but no dates.