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I like to support developers that use this site to get us to try their software. In this case I’m not so sure. The website says this software is for Win 2000, Win XP, Win 7. Program looks like it was a labor of love by a programmer with little experience, back in 2005. There’s no support for embedded pictures or embedded links to files or websites. I can’t tell what it does that I can’t already do in many other programs, including Efficient Notes given away here recently, or a Wordpad file stored in an encrypted ZIP. I see no way to organize notes or note tags (I prefer tags because a note can easily belong to more than one category, and then there must be a way to build an indented list of tags so I can keep them organized and make sure I use the same tags, same spelling, etc., when they apply). I can’t imagine storing thousands of notes in something like this with no way to find them again except by searching for words they might contain. And it’s odd to me that a separate function to search by titles only, is needed to improve search speed. I enjoyed using a program in DOS days (1985?) called Tornado Notes, that would instantly show all notes on screen that contained the characters you typed, as soon as you typed them. Those notes were all stored in a single text file. So how can search speed be an issue over 20 years later?

The good news is that there is interest here, enough that people will risk inviting this into their PC even with a virus warning. So, Manuel (developer), an update to this program to add more capabilities might pay off for everyone!