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Peter Blaise

[ @Dorothy Bauer] please share what problem this software resolved for you.

I just ran it again and explored a variety of options for Restore and registry repair, and it popped up and said NOT FOR VISTA OR LATER, yeah, silly me, I tried it on the most popular Windows version, now 10-year-old and discontinued Windows 7 … in other words, this is XP-based, and may do some things on later operating systems if the operating system stays within XP’s criteria ( no UEFI, for example ) … but NOT Restore and NOT registry repair.

And NO BSOD remedy.

So I’d love to hear someone share what this software actually did for anyone to resolve a boot problem.


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Non-boot wise, this software appears to be able to change or blank a user password, and add users, including a second administrator, which can be useful in bypassing a corrupt profile ( anticipating this need, I already always have create at least 2 administrative users anyway whenever I set up a computer, so I can always login to the second user to bypass a corrupt profile on the first user ), so I recommend obtaining this software and building the boot CD/USB if only for off-line password and user bulldozing … I guess that may sorta be considered a boot problem … okay, this software may be able to empower you to boot into your Windows as a new user by bypassing a corrupt older old user profile. I found something this software does – yay!