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Peter Blaise

[ @Sean] please do share particulars how has this helped you already?

[@Beetzme] yes, “deaf ears” especially from Tenorshare themselves.

Their web site claims BASIC skills:

– Boot up any computers that won’t start properly
– Reset Windows local and domain password
– Recover data from unbootable hard disk

Yeah, ANY Linux distro can do that, so certainly a Windows PE distro should be able to.

But they just can’t let it go, they continue down their webpage, as if their marketing department NEVER actually TESTED the program, and just believe their programmers “yeah, it can do that” hooey, and so they go on to claim:

– Boot Up Your Computer [ to the CD, duh ]
– Fix Windows Booting Failure, Blue/Black Screen, Crash, etc. [ no analysis OR fix for me ]
– Fix “NTLDR is Missing”, “BOOTMGR is Missing” Errors [ I did not test, yet ]
– Repair Crashed MBR, Corrupt Registry [ MBR and registry are unrelated, and it offered no registry analysis ]
– Super Data Rescue Package [ I presume by copying out ]
– Clone Hard Drive [ a FAILED hard drive, and then TWO FAILED hard drives … what for? ]
– Backup & Restore Files And System [ found and offered no restore ]
– Partition, Format and Clean up Hard Drive [ well, THAT should fix it! Killing is a fix now! ]
– Wipe Entire Hard Drive or Partition [ because the above didn’t kill it enough! ]
– Recover Windows Password and Product Key [ well, it looks like it can blank a password, and create a new user ]
– Support Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista [ with messages saying “that feature is XP ONLY”

… and as I reported, it’s support of anything newer than XP is to pop up a window and say “Does not support anything newer than XP”.

Their “help” blogs just devolve to “download, install, burn CD, and see the menus”, no actual steps to analyze and fix anything.


What analysis?


What fix?

As I said, it tells YOU to go off and try other stuff off the CD, the CD has no analytical skills, and few fix skills for actually allowing a user themselves to inspect and fix.

How is wiping an reformatting and partitioning a “boot genius” skill?

Geesh, Tenorshare, are you EVER going to show up in this thread?