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While it would be truly excellent (for me) for a company to give me for free forever the very thing it depends on to make money, that’s not realistic. This is a service (not a program that can’t be reinstalled, and not one that will die without updates as Windows evolves). I typically remove background from pictures 5 or 10 times per year, where the output is important and input is complex. So a 50 pic “limit” should last me 5 to 10 years! That should be far longer than an install-once-no-support-no-updates program with a lifetime license.

If their service works well, this is a great deal! I’m assuming “50 images” means 50 UPLOADS, with freedom to try lots of different approaches & edits to get the image I want.

I can see using this when the tools I already have simply don’t get the job done. Thanks Apowersoft and Ashraf. I, for one, am happy to get this. And if it works well and I use up my 50 images, I would likely pay for more.