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[ @Mr.Dave] Update:

The download link for Apowersoft Background Eraser is given to you above.
1. Download and install Apowersoft Background Eraser.
2. After install, run Apowersoft Background Eraser.

Program said I could try 3 images, with watermark added, before signing up. Saw no way to do this since it needed to have an account set up. Would have been nice to understand and test program on some trial images before using up some of my 50.

3. Upon launch, you need to click LOG IN & SIGN UP from the welcome screen. If you have an existing Apowersoft account, simply log into it and you are done! If you do not have an Apowersoft account, enter your valid email address on the sign up field.

4. Now click GET from the verification code field.
Not as described. No “GET” to click, no verification code field.
Click “Pasword-less Login”? New Password-less Login screen appears.
Had to re-enter email, then clicked “Get”. 60-second timer counted down to zero, then nothing. What is countdown timer for?

5. Now check your email inbox for the verification code.
6. Copy and PASTE it on the verification code field.
Found email with verification code, copy/paste ok.

7. Next, enter your preferred password and complete SIGNUP.
No password field. Clicked something and box popped up saying I have 50 “Remaining times”.
Has an option to change password. Clicking that took me to an account page where I was able to add a password.

Account set up, program appears to be registered. No more time today to test it after all that.