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Peter Blaise

Hmm … Audials does NOT seem to have a “Tunes” product at their website, so is this a special giveaway come on, or a future product, or what?

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audials music 2020
audials movie 2020
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No “tubes”.

The SharewareOnSale page sends us to [ https :// audials. com/en/audials-music-tube ] which looks like a quickly cobbled together page totally unlike their main products I’ve listed above – this offering is NOT available from the front page of the Audials web site.

Like Franzis and others, Audials seems to divide their offering into segments, either hunting for a mini-market, or teasing with a single-feature product in the hopes of getting the user to buy the full featured product.

This is NOT Internet Radio downloads.

This is NOT Video downloads ( though music videos are included ).

This is NOT Spotify/Netflix/Movies downloader.

This is Music only ( and music videos … and lyrics and cover art ).

I found it as arduous and obtuse as every other Audials product, the user interface is all over the place with almost no discernable coordination or logic, so I click on everything, one item at a time, and see what does what, and still I cannot figure out the scheme.

Their “tutorial” is merely an advertisement for their suite of products – NO help there.

What does anyone use this for?

If I want to complete my collection of ONE artist, there are ways to tell this to get “The Beatles” only, but I’m lost to tell you how I got to such an option on screen, so good luck to all of us in finding that again.

If I want to just get new-to-me music to explore, I clicked on current and older collections, and as I move the mouse around the screen, different controls appear or disappear ( why? ), and I clicked on the symbol that looks like a down arrow and a music note, and viola, a song starts downloading, sometimes I can do this on one song, sometimes I can do this on a whole collection of songs, clicking on [ more ] shows multiple choices where one click would not have known what to do, so do I want music only, music and video, music and cover art, music and lyrics … other items have one-click to get everything, I have no idea why some are different.

I got a few hundred songs and I will run them through Zortam Music Studio, MusicBrainz Picard, and finally import them into Windows Media Player, drop them to my iPhone/iPod and then listen to them and scan through to find artists and songs I didn’t know about and may want to pursue separately.

I will probably NOT return to Audials Music Tube to follow up because I have other ways to get full artist’s work.

But, like hitchhiking on other peoples Spotify playlists, this is a way for me to learn about new-to-me music, and that’s a good thing.

Audials – arduous, sloppy, random, complex, quirky, unpredictable, uncontrollable, yet … like stumbling onto a book co music on the sidewalk as someone cleans out their apartment.

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To resolve login, go to [ https ://audials. com/en/user_account ] and sign in FIRST, then try to login on our computer’s installation of Audials – if we cannot login at the home web page, we must fix that by whatever means, then we can log in locally in the software and get the full features.