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Robert Fare

I have yet to see one comment praising the software and thanking SharewareonSale for making it available. Some people have trouble with the program’s installation, most can’t get the license key to work. Bob apparently got the license key to work but now needs an activation code. Bob, maybe input the license key into the activation code box.

I have a suspicion that everyone has been given a license key for Nero MediaHome 2019 which will not work on Nero MediaHome 2020 – the fine print says, “This giveaway is of the Standard version of Nero MediaHome 2019.” Thank you, Luca Nonanto for drawing our attention to this.

So why advertise Nero MediaHome 2020 and provide a MediaHome 2020 installer program when we are given a license key for another version? Makes no sense. The offer of Nero MediaHome 2020 needs to be rescinded.