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Peter Blaise

Incredibly powerful and complex program.

Yet, another program I only use on the day of the giveaway, in this case, because:

— it’s user interface is unlearnable and off-putting even after figuring anything out on first use, then trying a second time to rediscover the same feature no avail,

— it does not integrate with other Audials installations, so now I have to decide which Audials program promises to fulfill my goal … nah, I’ll just use simpler programs that I am already familiar with ( because they have real menus like File > Save and so on ).

My previous Audials Radio trial was 2 Christmas’ ago and I mass downloaded 250 Christmas songs ( yeah, find that feature ), I tried playing them on a long Christmas drive, they were unbearable ( maybe it’s me – the difference between “popular” and “listenable, enjoyable qualities” ), and found one artist new to me that I explored for a short while and never revisited.

That’s a lot of work … for … what?

For “… found one artist new to me that I explored for a short while and never revisited …”

Oh well, it’s just hard drive storage, and that’s cheap.

Set it, walk away, and come back and sample each song for 10 seconds if you can stand them.

It’s a pastime.


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As always, feedback to the vendor:

— clean up your user interface, please stop inventing new ( and indecipherable ) user interfaces ( where’s File > Save and so on ? ),

— integrate all your programs under one interface,

— try AI Artificial Intelligence, when I want artists new to me, figure out what that would take, and do it.

— we have lots of screen space, stop with the big fonts and small words – what does “entertainment” mean, why would I click on it, especially, why would I click on it twice? It says “0 matching view settings of 30 in total” as if that’s meaningful explanation of a blank list with no controls or view settings. What does import and export mean? Shirley you’re not going to move or copy all my music are you? I’d love to have you look at my music to learn from it, but don’t touch it. Can you tell me in advance what’s going to happen if I click on a one-word ambiguous unexplained control? I click on Music under Radio, and that’s Audials Music, not My Music, and it looks nothing like a file browser … so … what do I do?


You’re a one-trick-pony for me, a quick grabber of new-to-me stuff, then exit and use ANY OTHER PROGRAM to see what I’ve got from your program, and delete most of the results.

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My comments here are not new, I’ve been saying essentially the same thing about Audials products for years – powerful but not powerful enough, and unnecessarily and arbitrarily obtuse.

I look forward to explorations by other users here to see how they get into Audials products.