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Peter Blaise

[@Rosemary Jordan] The green buy button is for updates and other Audials buttons, be prepared to be confused by every other user interface choice Audials designed.

There is no way in the software to confirm you are registered, other than presumption that under options ( the gear in the lower left corner ) you are signed in.

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[ @Dieter Preuss] Windows is not the problem, Audials installs a couple of Microsoft program run times and needs to bulldoze over existing Microsoft run times ( dot net, visual basic, c plus are the usual ). You can try to run as administrator, reboot several times to clear awaiting background updates, create a new user, log in as new user, and install, plus typical troubleshooting, free [ Tweaking. com ] Windows Repair All In One is a great re-setter for Windows defaults. Let us know what you find.