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i´ve used this tool for years and i´ve think its good for kepp secret folders and files wirh it.
At the last week i´ve a worste case on my SSD, so i must reinstall my OS.
My secret folders was on an other HDD on the same PC. Bevore i reintsall my OS i´ve nothing changed in WISE Folder Hider, so it musst all secret Folders invisible before i reinstall WISE Folder Hider Pro again…but it wans`t so. The protection is useless and gone. Because i can see the secret folders and files unprotected and useable in a normal way to open or copy, ect. like this.

So – think about it when you use this tool – if you protect files/folders with it, its all time possible to break this “protection”. You just have to deinstall this WISE Folder Protection tool and reboot the System….. ;) Try it!

Yes, the hidden is not perfect, you can see the hidden file after reinstalling OS. BUT, you cannot uninstall Wise Folder Hider if there is a hidden file. We recommend using the “Encrypt File”. You cannot see the encrypted file even if you reinstall the OS.