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1. I recevied the license key in my email, but then the Studio software won’t even start, it just flashes.
2. Then when I try a shortcut for the recorder, I get a screen that wants you to login, and it says to create a temporary password.
3. Then I enter the email and temporary password and it says they don’t match – Match what? THEY ARE TEMPORARY as I don’t have an account.

So, I went to the website to create an account.

1. There is NO way to create an account – just to login!
2. So, I tried a forgot password – says there is no account!
3. “Password recovery failed – account is not verified or does not exist in acdID.”
4. Yet I HAVE an email with the license key in it.

So, round and round and nothing works. Six days ago it was on special, and why hasn’t it been fixed in those 6 days – before it is advertised again?

SOOOOO, why hasn’t it been fixed?

I posted this in the Contact US on the website, so will see if I get a response. I will update if I do.