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Jeremy Duff

Hey all,

Jeremy Duff the CEO of Sizle.io here!
There is some important info about this promotion that I will leave below :)

Because of what’s going on with this pandemic and how many people are losing their gigs, I’m giving lifetime Pro subscriptions for $0. Pro subscriptions are usually $10/mo or $84/year.

If you want to take this up, just log in at http://sizle.io/ and enter either of these codes to get Pro for free forever (I am already doing this discount for the education sector, hence the promo code names lol).

EDUPRO100 (Free ongoing monthly license)
EDUANNUAL100 (Free annual license)

I know it’s not much but I hope this helps at least someone during this crazy time regardless

If you don’t want to have to use a promo code, just email me at jeremy@sizle.io and I’ll manually switch your account from Free to Pro

Disclosure: It’s just me and my partner that run this app, the software isn’t perfect but we truly just want to help people out during this weird time. If this helps someone land another client or close one deal then we’ll be stoked.