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Installed this after removing previous (“Standard”) version 7.5. Took a long time to extract and install its components, needing 2,047 files in it’s own folder. It also installed a service that will run all the time, no options in the program to disable this. I assume this is either so it can phone home whenever it runs, or anytime I start/reboot/wake up my PC, or maybe to monitor “watch” folders that I won’t use. I wish developers would understand that their program is only one of many on my PC, and not the main reason for my purchase of the PC. In other words, I want your program to run when needed, and to go away (and leave my PC alone) when not needed. All these services and background processes increase bootup time, slow down other processes (that I think are more critical) and use resources my more critical programs might need, and in general decrease the stability of my PC. And in the wrong hands, they present a significant security risk. I’m not saying for sure that reaConverter does all this but past experience with hundreds of other programs leaves me suspicious and wary. Not sure this program is worth the time to figure out how to block its processes until they’re needed, or to restore them if I do need to run it. Not saying it’s a bad program, the install and register process worked well, and program appears easy to use. Always a good sign! If my workflow required converting files many times a day, the watch folders and batch features might be very useful.