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hi folks,
I actually bought this piece of crap way back last quarter of 2017 when the first Windows version came on the market.
Long story short: none of the promises for dealing with bugs and adequate development were kept, in the end with “free” upgrade to Luminar 3 my patience with Luminar came to an end because that edition was also just another scam.

However I watched the scene closely and in the end realised ow good it was that I never abandoned my tried and proven software apps. OK, my money had gone down the drain – my own silly mistake. What dawned upon me bit by bit was that all those enthusiastic reviewers on YouTube etc. had all been and continue to be bribed by substantial amounts of money.

So, the fact you cannot get this GiveAway to work does one good thing for you – you won’t waste endless hours trying to get to grips with something which is so awfully inferior to its competitors. The only time my Win 10 machine ever crashed (BSOD) was when I applied one extra layer (filter) to an image. Fortunately no other apps open, image had to be replaced from backup but that was it as far as I was concerned. The dump file made it clear what had happened. The last filter produced an enormous memory leak, so Windows had to shut down to prevent real damage to the machine.