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It’s free just for 8 months. I installed it today, and I get the information that my license expires on 23/05/21!

The license for NANO Antivirus on your PC will expire on April 6, 2021. The information displayed in the Antivirus itself is incorrect. Let us explain in more detail why this is happening. For many programs, the license expiration date is directly based on the system date, i.e. if the user for some reason suddenly changed the system date (for example, a system failure occurred), the license validity period will also change. Thus, the user can be left completely unprotected. To prevent such situations, NANO Antivirus has a built-in mechanism for monitoring the license expiration date. Your situation is a side effect of our license expiration date control mechanism. Only the license expiration date displayed on your PC changes, the actual license expiration date is stored on our servers and remains unchanged. The license information will be updated when updating NANO Antivirus to a new version.