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Works well to get close to what you want very quickly. I was spending a lot of effort trying to accurately paint areas to keep in green, and areas to erase in red. Bad results. But I looked at the Help and saw that you only a few red and green brush strokes are needed, let the program figure out the rest. My pictures had a person on a raft floating on a lake, with bright and dark spots in the water from sunlight reflections. Some of the colors were close to the sandals and colors in the raft. I would say it’s not a simple, high-contrast scene, but I also wasn’t trying to remove background around hair or leaves…

Most of the background was removed. Areas close to the subject still had an edge of background around them. I tried adjusting brightness/saturation/gamma, worked well. Then I added a background pic. I rotated & scaled my subject and got it where I wanted it. Nice. But there were still some edges with the original background, so I tried painting them red and clicked remove background. Result was a total mess, with parts of my background pic moved around, and more removed from the subject than I wanted. So I hit undo a few times. Crash. All gone.

So… I recommend using this to get your subject close to where you want it, adjust brightness, etc., then use ANOTHER program that actually has an eraser and can work with .png files, to clean up the edges. Then you can paste it over another background pic.

If Photo Background Eraser had an eraser brush and maybe a clone brush, it might be a very nice standalone program! As it is, it’s only slightly better than using another program, setting eraser tool to a big radius, and manually erasing everything close to (but not touching) the subject. A program like Paint.NET (free) can do this well, and then it will let you fine-tune the edges with a smaller radius on the eraser, adjust visual quality of the image, copy the subject onto another image, rotate/resize/position to fit. So no need for Photo Background Eraser, one less tool to install and learn. Maybe if you’re working with simple backgrounds or high-contrast boundaries between subject and background, this program would be very useful. Good for things where you take a photo of an object against a plain background, so you can superimpose that object into another picture. Not so good for grabbing a subject out of a typical real-world photo.