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Peter Blaise

[@Robee] wrote “… I installed PhotoInsight PRO and tried it on a limited number of folders. That limitation was a good idea, since these folders are now completely empty. Thank you … All the pictures have been destroyed. I still wonder what happened. Or are these poor files still alive, hidden deep in one of my drives ? Can someone propose an explanation ? Anyway, be careful …”

Wow, that’s misbehavior beyond anything I noticed, I experienced that PhotoInsight was incapable of moving, reorganizing, altering our images.

I did notice that PhotoInsight seemed to lock any image files while it ran, does that explain why you can’t see your images outside PhotoInsight using another program that sees them as locked?

We have to close PhotoInsight, close the PhotoInsightService, and close the Everything program to effectively stop PhotoInsight behavior.

Do you see the missing images inside Photoinsight any more? If so, can you mouse-hover over any image and see a pop-up that identifies the drive location? Does that work, and lead you to find the missing images?

Please check back in and tell us more.

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Also, take a close read on the promised features and benefits ( ha ) of PhotoInsight BEFORE installing, and consider ANY competition, ANY alternative.

I’ve been reading the release notes at their web site, and they put on quite a show, but absolutely NOTHING worked for me on two computers where any other imaging program works just fine.

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Ashraf, it would be a great enhancement to these discussion forums if we could subscribe and get emails from them.