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Many thanks to Michael Vashin and his team for this offering and for being here to answer inquiries. Also, many thanks to the SOS team!

I posted this yesterday as a review but it is still not posted so thought I’d share it here:

Just a quick follow-up to my Oct 22, 2018 review to keep it current. I am still a big fan of this software! I have a few various automatic back-ups set up and it carries out each of them flawlessly. It pops up a message when complete or one if, when, for example, I forget to plug in my external backup drive, it could not complete it.

I previously mentioned the GUI being “simple and basic” but it has now become somewhat of an issue for me. Having one bad eye, I wish they would offer some customizable options. Perhaps, light text on a dark background or, at the very least, a color other than the light gray frame with white they are using. The text in the body of the GUI (job list, queue, setting, etc.) is so very tiny and I wish they would change it or offer an option of a larger text.

Anyway, if you’ve not tried this software, take advantage of this give away. It is a good software well worth having. Thanks!