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L. Stevens

First, I have to say that Ashraf provides an incredible service here.

Second, though, I have to add that offering a program like this with the caveat that it is a lifetime “NON-COMMERCIAL” offering, makes it nearly useless if you’re a person who follows the rules. Here is why: I don’t have any friends or family that often need to see or hear what is being recorded on my screen (I have ONE aunt that MIGHT watch me do something on the computer that she is trying to learn – but overall, I’d be better off dealing with her by logging in to her computer remotely — much faster). So, in offering this screen recorder for NON COMMERCIAL use, you’re basically begging the people who would use it to break the agreement for downloading this free software.

I see this service as one where I can try full-featured software free for a limited time so that I can decide if I later want to support the developer by buying it. But, again, with software like this, the applications will primarily be commercial. I’d prefer the developer offer a fully-functioning version for all uses for one year. If I like it, I will come back and buy it.

This is just my two cents. I am always grateful to a developer for their work and willingness to try it at no cost but I cannot, in all good conscience, download this because my need for it would be commercial in scope.

Still thanks to all who support this service and give use great software to try for free. I know all of you need to eat, too. So, thank you.