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Need help.- Please…
Program doesn’t seem to be fully multi-monitor aware.
I cannot choose to record either monitor – 1 or 2
Target cross can’t be dragged to other monitor or rectangle to other monitor.
It only stays on the main monitor.
Monitors are in extended mode so I can drag items from one to the other.

Monitor 1 is a smaller-and Main- monitor with Taskbar and shortcut icons
and is in extended mode.
Monitor 2 is larger and higher resolution and that’s what I want to record
but the program won’t let me..
For me that’s a shortcoming which unfortunately makes the program difficult to use.
Is there any chance that this van be addressed?

*I can only record the larger monitor IF I set it as the Main monitor,
but that messes with the position of the monitor and all the shortcut icons.
I prefer the smaller monitor as the Main monitor because of where it’s located
and where I sit. It’s like the command post.

Other similar programs let me choose the monitor and not have to mess with
physical monitor settings which upset the whole setup each time I want to record something..

I would greatly appreciate if you could look into this.