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Is this a new trend ? a 6 months license ! ,really ??
I am not doing beta testing for you I will stick with what i already have no matter how bad it may be,not sure how much better this is .Get real !!
Thanks but no thanks .

I don’t see anything wrong with a company offering a free, limited time trial-run with the hopes that some users may buy their product. After all, they are running a business. IObit does the same thing. Many various types of businesses do it. Frankly, I find your comment inappropriate when being offered a ‘gift’. I am not trying this software today as I have no need for it at the moment so I have no opinon about it either way, yet I am very grateful for this and all the offerings here on the site, limited trials or not.

That said, thanks to the GridinSoft and SOS teams for the offer!