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I’m not sure I fully understand the benefits of this software.

* I get that it stops cross-tab trackers, but I can do that by closing unwanted tabs and I can quickly open them again via bookmarks.

* It has ad-blockers. So do my browsers.

* I can see that multiple workspaces might be useful, but are all the apps in the workspaces constantly running? If so, then I’d have a memory problems, same as I get when I have too many tabs opened.

* Making desktop apps from websites is fine – but again why not just bookmark them?. Making the app open folders/files on my pc would me much more productive for me. Launchy works well for recent files, but if I’m looking for that presentation from 3 weeks ago (that has been pushed to the back of the “recently opened” queue), if it were a click away that would be useful.

If someone could give some real-world examples of why this is better than (say) Bookmark OS, I’d appreciate it.