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The installer asked me about two options, one to add a desktop shortcut, and this one:

[ ] Use system window frame (recommended)

I don’t know what happens if I check that or leave it blank. There’s nothing I could find on their website. A Google search returned many hits about something called Telegram in a specific Ubuntu installation wanting to do the same thing. I have many many years of computing experience and have never seen this before. WHY would AVS ask something like this without any explanation? Is this something I can change later? What are benefits and disadvantages of doing this? If it’s all benefits, why would they need to ask? Why is it a secret?

Yes, there is nothing called “Activate” in the Help menu. Going to Help>About>License shows only the current license information, offers no way to activate. So how did I activate the program? At the end if the installation process, it asked if I want to run the program. I checked that box. The program started. A small window popped up with this text:

AVS4YOU Activation
Please enter your license key, after that click the OK button.

I copied the license key, pasted it into this box, and clicked OK button. Actually, since I copied the key before installing, it already showed in the box. I only needed to click OK. I don’t know how others could miss this, or maybe the download file was fixed after earlier comments (then WHY didn’t anyone say something about it being updated?)

A “Script error” pops up while trying to read the built-in help, not a good sign. Something about Google Tag Manager. Maybe my antivirus or add blocker is preventing the scripts from running, but why are they needed in a help file?

This program seems to be aimed at those wanting to make a DVD or Bluray disk. It has a LOT of transitions and menu background “styles” and many look good, actually usable. That’s what made me want to try this program. Editing is limited, but lots of other programs let you add sounds/music, text, picture-in-picture, voiceovers, convert formats. Or you can buy more programs from AVS to do all this.